What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect In The Last 4 Months Of 2018


Here you are winding down the year wanting to make the most of the last four months. It’s these four months that are going to define your year.

So you’ve made that change you fear. Maybe it’s a location. Maybe it’s a job. Maybe it’s a relationship you were apprehensive about.

And it’s okay it took you half the year to finally do something the important thing is that you’ve actually done it. And whatever that choice is I promise you something good will come of it.


These are the months you are going to have your ah-ha moment. You think back to where you were a year ago and everything in your life has changed for the better. Don’t stop there. Keep going. Keep improving. Keep progressing.

While you are building your life and your career, there is someone you’ve let slip through the cracks. And it’s going to hit you, you’ve lost someone you care a lot about.

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And the truth is they still care about you, they still want what’s best for you. But they couldn’t keep staying on the sideline watching. So they walked away.



The words I love you are going to sneak up on you. Either hearing them or saying them. And yeah it’s been a while since you felt the way you do but don’t fear it. Scorpios tend to push love away very easily.

It seems everything in your life is exactly how you envisioned it. But the last four months are going to test you. Something is going to happen that you have no control over and you’re going to have to have faith that everything will be okay. Because everything will be okay.



Fall is going to sneak up on you. Yet another season has gone by. Even though you’re looking for benchmarks of improvement learn to celebrate little achievements and give yourself credit where credit is due.

A new relationship will suddenly become more serious. Those silly Fall pictures will turn into Christmas ones by the tree. And when the year ends, you aren’t going to feel as lonely as you did this past year.



An old fling is going to come back into the picture and it’s up to you to decide if you want them in your life again or is this a mistake.

Just when you’ve stopped thinking about them, it’ll be a text, one word three letters and your heart is going to race because you are going to realize maybe you never did stop caring.

You are closing out the year reflecting on how it started and how hard it was. Give yourself a break maybe even a vacation because you deserve it.



Summer is when you are the happiest. Maybe you’ve worked hard enough you deserve a trip somewhere. Take it. If there is one thing this year is going to teach you it’s to do the things you want to even if it scares you.

As things change you are going to look back and realize how much you have in the past few months. You’re going to run into that ex you thought you’d never get over but here you are happy and healthy and doing really well for yourself. You’ve deserved that for a while now.



The more things change the more they are going to stay the same. You swore you weren’t ready for a relationship. But when the right person enters your life it’s no longer up to you.

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These are going to be the months you realize what love really is. And it’s going to make you happier than you’ve ever been.



While it feels like your life is just beginning, it’s been happening for years. You’ve let go of the past and you’ve moved forward in creating the life you want with the person who will be yours forever.

But remember the people who were there when all of these things weren’t so clear. No matter how far you run from the past. Those are the people who deserve to be in your future.

These months are going to test you in ways you have been tested before. Emotionally something is going to happen. You’ve never been someone who shows how they feel but it’s okay to be vulnerable.



Make that change you fear making even if it means losing people. The right people will understand.

While the year is coming to an end these are the months you’ll feel like you’re starting to live again.



Your relationships all around you are going to seem like they are great.

Then something is going to shake all those good things up and life is going to try and break you. But that relationship and those people who care about you are going to be there for you and it’s going to be okay.



Go on that trip. Take that risk. You only live once. And this is the year that’s going to be unlike any other year.

This year you are going to finish strong. And for the first time in a long time, you’re just take everything in and be really happy with where you are.



This relationship you swore wasn’t one, you’ll catch yourself falling and you’re going to deny it. You’re going to play cool. But this person is going to see right through it and they are still going to be patient with you.

Then it’s going to hit you. You don’t want to say the word love but after almost a year of sticking with you, you know that’s what it is. You’ll become official and you’ll have someone to spend the holidays with and unlike last year it won’t hurt.

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