What Zodiac Signs Are Destined to Stay Single Forever? Find Out!

What-Zodiac-Signs-Are-Destined-to-Stay-Single-Forever-Find-Out.jpgEach zodiac sign is associated with personality traits and love styles. Some signs are more likely than others to win someone’s heart and build a healthy relationship.


Read on to find out which signs have the hardest time finding love, and why.


1. Aries


Aries is an opinionated and stubborn sign. They’re also very impulsive. While these traits can be beneficial in business, they can be difficult for a partner to handle.

Aries are passionate but impatient people. With an Aries partner, life is unpredictable. Many people flee these relationships rather than continue to live under such stressful conditions.



2. Taurus


Taurus is a competitive sign. They don’t just enjoy a good discussion. They want to argue, and they want to win. This energy can be draining for their partners.

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In spite of their desire to win, Taureans are also often very needy. They are intense, demanding partners, and eventually many of their lovers decamp for greener pastures.



3. Virgo


Unlike Arians and Taureans, Virgos are givers. In fact, sometimes they’re so caring that their partners start to feel a bit smothered.

Virgos need to remember that their partners have agency, too. Combined with their caring nature, Virgos’ perfectionism can feel like criticism. Partners wonder if they’re not allowed to do anything because their Virgo sees them as incompetent.



4. Capricorn


Capricorns are driven. They love their independence and have a hard time seeing others’ points of view. They are personal perfectionists, but this trait leads them to critique their partners, too.

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Capricorns can also come across as elitist and snooty. All of this combines into a cocktail that not many people would order. Capricorns often find themselves abandoned for more easygoing people.



5. Aquarius


Aquarians have a hard time committing to anything, and they don’t like to make themselves vulnerable in relationships. This confuses partners and makes them wonder how committed their Aquarius actually is.

And in many cases, the truth is that there’s not much commitment there. Aquarians love playing the field, and their emotions are often shallow. It takes a lot to impress them and win their loyalty. 


Are you worried you’ll end up alone? Don’t worry, awareness is the first step toward changing our behaviors. Pass this article to your friends, so they can gain insight into themselves and their partners, too. 


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