What’s Your Mayan Zodiac Sign And Spirit Animal?

What’s-Your-Mayan-Zodiac-Signg-01.jpgMayan civilization is one of the biggest and most advanced in Latin America. It experienced its greatest achievements during the pre-classic and classic periods in two main areas: astrology and exact sciences.

The Maya created a calendar according to the cycles of the moon: the star of the night sky symbolized woman, her strength, and the power of femininity in men too.

It was said that if you could win over the moon, you would be successful in whatever you set your mind to.

According to their calendar, the year consisted of 13 lunar periods of exactly 28 days. The year begins on July 26, and every lunar month is represented by an animal, considered to be the guardian of those born under its lunar cycle.

Here, we introduce you to the 13 signs of the Maya zodiac. Let’s see what’s reflected in your inner animal:


Monkey or “bata kimil” (born between January 10 and February 6)

monkey.jpgThose born as “monkeys” are restless and very sociable, meaning they can’t stand being alone without anything to do.

Their creativity has no limits, and they are able to use it to achieve all their goals.

They’re happy and always see the glass as half-empty.

These people are very flexible, although they’re in a constant search for more knowledge.

Monkeys are very curious, good event organizers, and very intelligent. They’re always close to their inner child.


Hawk or “coz” (born between February 7 and March 6)

Hawk.jpgThey have a powerful presence, always do what they have to, and ambition dictates their decisions.

Their main goal in life is to achieve professional triumph with full honors.

It’s a sign blessed with the gift of good fortune.

With an agile mind and amazing memory, they’re very good when it comes to studying.

Although a little rebellious, they always fulfill their obligations and responsibilities.


Jaguar or “balan” (born between March 7 and April 3)

Jaguar.jpgA lover of adventure and impossible challenges, the person born under this sign is direct and respected by others.

For Jaguars, the bigger the obstacle is, the more motivated they are to achieve their goal.

They’re loyal friends, but very independent.

They love to gloat and live all of their “seven lives” to the full. They may sometimes be too idealistic, leading them to get hurt.


Fox or “fex” (born between April 4 and May 1)

Fox.jpgTheir sense of justice and a strong passion for helping others is their main source of energy in life.

They’re quite simple people, which is reflected in their actions and decisions they make.

They’re very empathetic people, and can easily put themselves in the shoes of others.

That’s why they help regardless of who it is.

Foxes look for security and stability in their lives: a good family and marriage, with a house and enough money to live a life as full and peaceful as possible.


Snake or “kan” (born between May 2 and May 29)

Snake.jpgThose born under this sign are elegant, cultured, and glamorous.

They love to be respected and noticed for possessing unrivaled beauty.

Although they can seem envious, they’re actually very loyal and work hard for what they want.

They’re very sensitive, meaning that often, to protect themselves, they are defensive.

Deep down they’re very romantic and don’t easily forget when they’re hurt.


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