Why People Are Intimidated By You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Our zodiac says a lot about who we are. These are a healthy indicator of how we behave with people and deal with circumstances in the world. A lot of people talk of the word “intimidating” and often view a person who is outwardly scary and tough.

Intimidation can be an energy that a person resonates and those who have the energy may not be the largest and the most outspoken. They might have an outgoing energy that makes these people intimidating. There are traits that intimidate others and each zodiac has some characteristics that can be exclusive and different.


Here are a few of those:

Virgos are a particular bunch of people that have the drive to do better in life. They are easy going and very relaxed.

You should not outperform a Virgo at any level and get a bad time. Virgos can shut you down if you feel threatened and are very severe about it.


Taurians are the sign of the bull and are a stubborn lot that gets charged by the likes of others.

When you attempt to outperform a Taurian, you can be run down and the horns are just not for you to show.


Geminis can totally surprise people and manage to do the unexpected and that can intimidate people like no other.

You never know what you get from a whirlwind Gemini.


Aries is a zodiac that has an intimidating quality that often entices people. The Arian soul does not wait for people to take action and wait for the perfect plan to fall into place.

They are proactive and aggressive and get what they want effortlessly. Such people are often intimidated by the conqueror mindset.


Scorpios have a physical intimidation that has no equal. They often take the prize in the test for physical strength.

They are quick to take to anger and have a violent temper. Anger management for this zodiac is a good way to start for them to ease up a bit.


A Sagittarian is a very adventurous kind of a person that is willing to engage in new experiences and venture off to the unknown.

They often do things that only others dream about. They often intimidate people with their daredevil tendencies and their spontaneity. A lot of people cannot keep up with such tendencies.


Leos are intimidating because of the stature. They are symbolized by the lion and their presence of mind and attitude is no different.

They lord over others with their confidence and will power. They can be nervous at the same time and hard to resist.


Aquarians are great thinkers and have a thoughtful mind. They are shy at times and that can cause some concern.

When the mind is silent, the person thinks a lot over things. The prized Aquarian is always thinking and calculating, plotting and gearing up for the last kill.

Pisces is a passionate sign that has several good qualities and has an extreme sense of passion and dedication. Their energy can be very intimidating.


Capricorn is a sign that is far removed from people. The person who has this zodiac is close minded and people often find it difficult to approach them with opinions and ideas.

You cannot make the first impression with a Capricorn as they can be scary and can put people off.


Cancer is an intimidating sign that can get very vicious to people. When a Cancerian is in a bad mood, you better hit the deck.


Librans are an emotional sign and can handle an entire “Spectrum of emotions” and can get scared by it thoroughly.

They often carry a large emotional burden that is hard to shake off and people can find it difficult to handle it.


Source : themindsjournal


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