Your 3 Best Qualities Everyone Loves About You (And 1 Flaw) Based On Your Birth Month

Your 3 Best Qualities Everyone Loves About You (And 1 Flaw) Based On Your Birth Month

July –

People who are born in the month of July have many traits similar to those of the ones that are born in July except the fact there are more extroverts and spontaneous.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: When someone is upset or sad, they go to you first. You have no issues helping someone out with your time, money or energy. You are the center of attention, whether you want it or not.

Your 1 flaw is: You tend to distract yourself with nice things instead of facing your issues.



August –

People who are born in August are natural leaders. They’re not afraid to stand against a large group of people and give their own opinions.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: There’s nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it. You enjoy having others around and are great at parties. Your intelligence is something others praise.

Your 1 flaw is: Others can find themselves overwhelmed when you reveal how much you know about things. Try to keep some stuff to yourself.



September –

People who were born in September also are really sensitive and they have really high expectations of others, therefore, there are many times in their life where they get disappointed.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: You can pick things up or learn things very quickly. You aren’t afraid to jump in and do what it takes to get something done. Family and friendship are more important than wealth or status.

Your 1 flaw is: You hold back from speaking your mind and instead keep that negativity inside.



October –

People who are born in October are the ones who always crave stability as well as balance in their life. They have a positive outlook in life and avoid confrontation at any point in life.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: You tend to make a very good first impression. You are seen as a role model due to your wisdom and stability. In love, you are sweet and selfless.

Your 1 flaw is: You expect everyone to be as mature as you are and make smart choices.



November –

People who were born in November are naturally secretive. Their secretive nature may sometimes annoy others especially those who are really close to them.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: You listen to others well and are a great shoulder to cry on. In love, you know just how to appeal to the right personality traits of someone else. You make others feel special and valued.

Your 1 flaw is: You find it difficult to tell people no until you have reached a breaking point.



December –

People who are born in December are generous as well as adventurous. They have a really strong negative habit and their pride can get in the way sometimes of all the good things that they do.

Your 3 distinct qualities are: You are known for being a genuinely good person who wouldn’t intentionally harm another. You are fun to be around and make others feel at ease. You are easy to like and make people laugh.

Your 1 flaw is: You forget that life has to have a downside in order to stay balanced. you don’t have to smile all the time.



Source: MysticalRaven


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