Your True Spirit Animal And The Gift They Bring, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your True Spirit Animal And The Gift They Bring, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Libra the Dove

You’re learning to find the sweet spot of balance between the extremes. Dove is known as a spirit messenger that bridges the sky and earth, or the spiritual and physical realms.

The dove is Aphrodite’s bird, symbolizing peace, beauty, hope, and love. Dove vocalizations are calming and remind us to release emotional disharmony.




Scorpio the Crocodile

You’re learning to tap into your most primal energy and step into your own power. Crocodiles are known as the keepers and protectors of all knowledge and teach us to go deep for the truth, even when it’s cold and dark.

Crocodile medicine connects us with unbridled creative forces and the transformative cycle of creation and destruction.



Sagittarius the Elk

You’re learning the impressiveness of your true nature. Elk symbolizes stamina, strength, energy, passion, nobility, and wisdom.

Elk reflects a time of plenty and a state of gratitude, optimism, and simply feeling good about life. Elk also teaches us that to keep the journey going, a long and steady pace is the best choice.





Capricorn the Bear

You’re learning to be a leader, in your own life or otherwise. Bear stands tall and has earned our respect – its medicine helps us be our fullest and strongest selves.

There is no need to play small and you are up to the task! Bear teaches us to follow our vision, to stay grounded in the physical, and be secure in what we’re doing. Bear calls us to stand our ground, make good use of resources, and protect others when the time calls.




Aquarius the Zebra

You’re learning the balance between just being yourself and being part of the group. Zebra symbolizes individuality, agility, speed, and objective insight.

Zebra medicine helps us come up with creative ways of looking things, incorporating all the shades of gray. Zebra reflects a willingness to experiment and explore the mysteries.




Pisces the Lizard

You’re learning to turn inward and listen to what your heart is telling you. Lizards symbolize objective detachment, letting go of the past, listening to your intuition, and paying attention to dreams.

Lizard medicine teaches us to slow down and withdraw from the rat race long enough to reimagine our reality. Lizards spend most of their time alone and teach us the blessing of solitude and introspection.




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