Zodiac Tarot Manifestation Reading for January 2019


You are going through great changes and awakening to new levels of reality. This is a period of transformation and sudden changes but the ride for you is so smooth that you won’t realize them.

The important factor here is the confusion you may feel within you. At times you will be sure of what you’re doing, the next moment you will question it.

The catch here is to keep things simple meaning not over thinking and over analyzing but leaving the situations and just be.

Mantra: I AM rolling in the cosmic frequency of awakening & manifestation.


Your outlook on things, situations change for the better. The way you look at things is changing and so is your life which simply means that this month is all about prosperity, abundance and good health.

You are reaping much-awaited rewards and you are ready to give back. If you feel like this is the best time to join a change movement or donate to worthy causes. Do stand up for yourself.

Mantra: I AM expanding in my outlook of life attracting the right opportunities.


Be more discreet but let others see what aspects you are made up of. Your dreams are yours and so they don’t need to be broadcasted.

This also makes sure that you are not scattering your energies in the wrong direction.

This is the time when you set your intentions and start working on them. This is not a time of procrastination and being lazy.

Leave behind the karmic difficulties as starting this month the changes are setting in. Be ready, be aware.

Mantra: My intentions are aligned to my highest good, now & forever.


You are being guided by the Angels and the Spirit Guides, which simply is setting and your life into divine perspective and divine order. Whatever you do you is guided and this guidance gives you a power which others may not have.

Be sure to use this guidance for your highest good and for the best of your life.

Prayer will work wonders for you this month because as you pray you will be more willing to let go and surrender which will attract the right miracles to you fast.

Mantra: Everything I do is divinely guided.


Everything that’s happening is a divine plan in your life. There are no coincidences in the universe, remember that. This month take everything happening in your stride.

Your mental clarity and focus will make a lot of difference in your life.

You have light to share, you have the knowledge to give, this time there should be no looking back and regretting, but moving ahead and claiming.

Mantra: I AM happy in sharing and giving the light & love divine has, attracting the same for me, multifold.


This month is a time to complete your soul contracts. You may find yourself in places and among people you no longer connect to, or maybe love a lot.

Wherever you are right now is where you are meant to be. Be very open to this divine plan and let the flow of energy be free.

You are going in the right direction, leaving behind whatever is not required in your life anymore.

You are divinely guided and the magic is that this time you don’t doubt yourself as your time for rising and shine is there.

Believe, trust and move on.

Mantra: I AM divinely aligned with my life path, reaping high rewards, now.

This article was originally published by The Minds Journal.




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