Green Aura People

green-aura-peopleGreen aura individuals are balanced, harmonious and peaceful people. They need harmony in their lives and prefer to live in a natural environment.

They are the most balanced in the color spectrum. They have a very strong connection with nature. It is important for them to live in close proximity to forest, park or near a lake or ocean.

Green auras are open, extroverted, expressive, friendly, communicative and sincere. They see life through their heart. Their main motivations are satisfaction and harmony.

On the one hand, the green individuals do not like to compete, to wear the most expensive and beautiful clothes, or to have the best job. On the other hand, they love the pleasures and benefits of luxury that come as a direct result of the success. Greens want to feel happy and satisfied in their lives.

They have an internal understanding of the natural cycles and laws of life. For them, life as a human being is the most wonderful gift of life. For green auras is difficult to restrain their feelings and thoughts.

Green auras have a strong connection with their physical bodies. For them, the mind and the body are one, and all the thoughts and emotions are expressed physically. If not freely express their emotions they will feel awkward, uncomfortable and in some cases may even get sick.


Social Life of The Green Aura People

Green aura personalities are social and love to be with their families, relatives or friends. They love the feeling of security when around friends and family.

To feel understanding is very important to them. Green personalities need harmony and prefer peaceful, balanced environment. To be among people allows them to communicate and express their deepest feelings.

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Green personalities can talk for hours. They tend to talk about their own experience more than others. They also have no fear of communicating with strangers.

These expressive personalities often found in social groups or organizations. Public Works and sharing life with family and friends is a great reward for them. Green people need to be among people, animals or in nature.


Career and Finances of The Green Aura Personality

Green aura personalities are not people who like the hard work, whether it is physical or mental. They are not very responsible when they have to earn money for themselves. For them, it is often easier to find someone to support them or earn enough to cover only their basic needs.

On the other hand, green auras are security conscious. They need to live in a safe and balanced environment where money and the problems do not occupy so much space.

The struggle for survival brings them tension, something that bothers many green people. Typical jobs for people with a green aura are gardener, environmentalist, researchers, farmers, social workers, animal caretakers, teachers, therapists, counselors, secretaries.


Health and Development of The Green Aura

Green aura personalities are natural healers and communicators and must understand the purpose of their life. They can unite mind and body and to show that humanness, friendship, compassion, openness, and warmth are important aspects and qualities of the human life. Those who leave their relationship body-mind to act naturally will not have difficulties to recharge their batteries with positive life energy.

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When they are loaded green auras are healthy. Green figures need to be physically active. They prefer sports like skiing, swimming, running, dancing and other activities. Whilst green auras have no fear of change and growth, they will be supported by Mother Nature.




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