The Seven Layers Of The Aura

The Seven Layers Of The Aura

Mental Body – The Third Layer of the Aura

Mental body - a third layer of aura

Mental body – a third layer of aura

The third layer of aura is called Mental body. It is finer and higher in vibration than the emotional layer.

This layer is connected to the vibration level of thoughts and mental processes, ego and personal power.

There is a connection with the third chakra (solar plexus). It displays the thoughts and attitudes of the people.


3rd Layer: Mental 
  • Third from the physical body
  • Represents thoughts, cognitive processes and state of mind
  • Bright yellow in color
  • Connected to the Sacral Chakra
  • Often radiates the strongest around the head, neck and shoulders
  • Stronger in those who engage in mental tasks or those who have an over-active mind
  • When engaging in a creative activity, colored sparks can also be seen flowing from this layer


Functions of the Mental Body

Mental body facilitates the cognitive ability to know. It gives us the ability to recognize and have thoughts, beliefs, ideas and higher mental abilities.

This layer of the aura is the energy that we intend to use or to change the circumstances that surround us.

Many people find this layer of aura as magical, because this is where you can create everything you want for your soul. This is a means of fulfilling your destiny and for the interpretation of the path that leads you through life.


Form and Structure of the Mental Body

Mental body extends for 6 to 10 cm from the body. It is composed of finer material than the emotional body, and usually appears as a bright yellow light radiating from the head and shoulders and expanding around the body.

Light is stronger and pulsates when one focuses on mental tasks. Mental body is a structured body. It contains the structure of your ideas reflecting linear thinking processes and forms of your mind.

The stronger and more ingrained are these thoughts, the greater is their expression in the mental body. The color of thought formed in the mental layer shows the character of your emotions attached to it.


Stimulating the Mental Body

Mental body is activated through teachings, research, reading, some types of energy stimulation, and some practices of meditation.

Responds to yellow and note “e” and belongs to the physical plane of existence.



Astral Body – The Fourth Layer of  the Aura

Astral body - fourth layer of aura

Astral body – fourth layer of aura

The astral body is the fourth layer of the aura and is associated with areas of expression of ethereal, emotional and mental layer. There is a connection with the fourth chakra (heart). It shows your capacity for conditional and unconditional love.


4th Layer: Astral
  • Fourth from the physical body
  • Represents where we form our astral cords with others
  • Pink or rosy in color
  • Connected to the heart chakra
  • Becomes stronger through loving, intimate relationships
  • Can be weaker during breakups or conflicts with loved ones
  • State of the chakras are also easily visible from this layer


Functions of the Astral Body

Astral layer is called a bridge between the denser, lower vibrations of the physical and subtle levels with the higher levels of spiritual vibrations. In other words, the astral layer is not only the dividing line, but also the connection of the lower three layers with higher three.

In this layer of aura, passes all the energy moving from one world to the other. Almost all healing energies coming from the astral layer. This body connects you to the higher dimensions of reality. It is the door to the astral world.

Much of the interaction between people is carried out on the astral plane. Large patches of color are spread in the space between people, some pleasant, others not so much.

This difference is felt very well. For example, two people can apparently avoid each other, but on the energy level hold turbulent communication.


Form and Structure of the Astral Body

The astral body is composed of colored clouds more beautiful than the emotional body. While emotional tends to have the same set of colors, there is a pink light of love.

It extends from 15 to 30 cm from the body. When people fall in love, they can see the beautiful pink light arcs between their hearts and add a beautiful pink color to the normal golden pulsations of the pituitary gland.

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From chakras grow filaments that connect the pair. When the connection is completed, these fibers are torn, sometimes causing severe pain.

Emotional experience includes dreams, fantasies, experiences outside the body, near-death experiences, hallucinations, imagination and vision.


Stimulating the Astral Body

The astral body is activated by meditation.

Also meditation, psychic development techniques, techniques for travel outside the body (astral), shamanic practices lucid dreaming, drugs – especially psychedelic, certain practices pranayama, some types of injuries, biochemical imbalances, and some types of energy stimulation.

Respond to green and note “F” and belongs to the spiritual level of existence.

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