Crystal Horoscope: Healing Gemstones for Aries Season


Spiritually savvy Gemini Chartreuse Tembo Barriere—who is the founder and headMIZtress of The Venus Academy —selects the most powerful stones for the solar season. She teaches us how to use crystals in meditation to stay aligned with the energy of both the heavens and the Earth.

Carnelian and bloodstone are the two crystals chosen for Aries season. Working with these stones helps you to be bold and put yourself first.

What These Crystals Represent:

Carnelian: Good for protection and supportive of new beginnings; may alleviate rheumatism and stimulate absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals

Bloodstone: Clears negative energy; may boost the immune system, stimulate the metabolic process, detox the body and reduce inflammations

About Carnelian


Source: Energy Muse

Carnelian is a reddish orange crystal with a trigonal mineral structure; it is a member of the quartz family. Carnelian is a great stone for protection since the fiery Ram energy of Aries can make us impulsive and land us in the crosshairs of drama.

As a primary mineral, carnelian pertains to new beginnings, self-discovery and learning processes, perfect for Aries season, which is all about new life, taking initiative, and standing in the power of “I Am.”

In the Middle Ages, it was used for its blood-staunching and anger-calming effect. It is said to ensure good blood supply to the organs and tissues, can alleviate rheumatism and stimulate the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. All of these qualities are aligned with the Aries life force energy.

Carnelian’s Metaphysical Properties:

Carnelian is the stone of creativity. It provides grounding and organization, to feel more in control of your life. It has a purifying effect, too, and may be stored with tarot or oracle cards to neutralize decks between use.

Carnelian also helps to stimulate courage while tempering aggression. It encourages quick problem solving, helping to bring actions to a proper conclusion.

The creative function of carnelian can help you “get still” and listen, so you can recognize your next best move. (Remember, though: You don’t have to do everything yourself!)

About Bloodstone


Source: Energy Muse

Aries season brings out the firestarters and warrior spirits in us all, and bloodstone is the perfect accompaniment to these themes of power and sacrifice. Another term for bloodstone is “heliotrope,” which is the Greek word for “solstice.”

Bloodstone is a unique quartz-based mineral that is like a hybrid of chalcedony and jasper. It is green with iron silicate inclusions that look like red blood spots with specks of yellow. It may help boost the immune system and stimulate the metabolic process. This stone is also said to help detox the body and reduce inflammations, particularly when the stone is worn.

It can help temper the headstrong, abrasive nature of Aries energy and enable you to think before you act.

Bloodstone’s Metaphysical Properties:

Connecting both the root and heart chakras, metaphysically, bloodstone’s message is Be Here Now—a simple but poignant reminder that being in the present moment is the best way to alleviate anxiety about the future.

Fun fact: Ovis aries is the scientific term for the domestic sheep! A baby sheep is a lamb, and the adult male sheep is a ram, which is the Aries symbol. Fittingly, cardinal fire Aries season is when we see the themes of the sacrificial lamb, rebirth and liberation play out in our daily lives.

Blood is life-force energy that carries tremendous elemental power. Many African traditional religions and indigenous rituals incorporate some aspect of blood sacrifice to connect with the divine energy of the Creator and the Orishas, or ancestral deities.

Aries season holidays include the Hebrew Pesach or Passover; originating from the time of the Egyptian plagues when the Israelites smeared blood of a spring sacrificial lamb on their doorposts to avoid having to sacrifice their firstborn children.

The story of Christ’s death and resurrection also tells the story of blood sacrifice. Medieval Christians are said to have believed that bloodstone formed from Christ’s blood staining green jasper at the foot of the cross (bloodstone was historically used to carve scenes of the crucifixion). Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the Spring Equinox, which is the first day of Aries season. Everything relates to the cosmos!

Meditation, Intentions and Affirmations with Crystals for Aries Season

As Aries rules the head, when our fiery Aries energy becomes extra heated, it can result in restless thoughts, insomnia, or even migraines. Meditation and breath work are essential for inner peace.

As non-toxic crystal members of the quartz family, both bloodstone and carnelian can also be worn directly on the skin for extended periods of time, or even used in creating crystalline gem elixirs suitable for ingestion. You can also incorporate clear quartz crystal into your meditations below with the Aries stones.

We may be more prone to pent-up anger, frustration and even bouts of rage during Aries season. Meditation and yoga are powerful tools that can help channel negative emotions into something productive.

To make meditation a daily habit, spending 5-10 minutes each morning focusing on your breath and working with these Aries-themed intentions and affirmations.

Carnelian Meditation

Intention: May I be eloquent, creative, and bold


  • I prioritize my self-care.
  • I express my soul’s vitality.
  • I trust my intuitive perceptions.
  • I release outdated emotional ties.
  • I channel my passion productively.
  • I embody discipline and self-control.
  • I am courageous in the face of danger.

Meditation Technique: Peaceful Warrior

Light a candle to invoke the fire element native to Aries. Pass your carnelian over the flame to cleanse and purify it. Sit upright and place the crystal in your lap or on the ground near you. With each deep breath, visualize a sacred flame growing from the crystal and enlarging to envelop your body with revitalizing energy. Envision the fire of protection filling your entire auric field. Carry that peaceful warrior energy with you throughout your day.

Bloodstone Meditation

Intention: May I find freedom from the past.


  • I recognize toxic ancestral patterns.
  • I embrace my spiritual warrior nature.
  • I detoxify to experience true transmutation.
  • I cooperate with others and welcome assistance.
  • I release self-absorption and ego-centric mental blocks.
  • I acknowledge my mistakes to do better as I know better.
  • I validate myself by knowing my divine, inherent worthiness.

Meditation Technique: Connect to Courage

Hold a piece of bloodstone for 15 minutes in the morning while focusing on deep breathing. This can help cultivate selflessness and reconnection to your innate resources of courage and initiative in a productive way. For direct impact on your head, mental state, and third eye chakra, you can lie down and place the crystal on your forehead between your brows.

This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.


This was originally published by AstroStyle.


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