Using Astrology To Better Your Love Life


When it comes to romance and the world of dating perhaps looking to the stars when you move forward might be a good idea. The more you get to know your astrology signs and the signs of those you care the most about, the more you can grow your connection with them.

The placement of each celestial body now and during the time of your birth goes into making up the moments you’re currently experiencing. When it comes to better understanding your relationship and the areas in which you might need some work, you should look to synastry.

Synastry, for those who are not aware, is the astrological study of relationships through looking at and comparing natal charts. In order to do this, you will, of course, need your natal chart and that of your partner. Look at the different placements and dive into which ones clash, are your Venus signs compatible?

Astrology-Zodiac-Signs wrote as follows in regards to synastry in general:

To study a relationship between two people, we will usually compare their charts through synastry first. This is a technique of comparison of two birth charts with all of their natal planetary positions, houses and aspects. If we see that a planet in one chart has an exact aspect with a planet in the other chart, we know that this is an important link between these individuals.

The more aspects we share, the more we have to learn from our bond, and the role of each planet will be of great importance too. So for a romantic relationship, we will expect aspects between Venuses or a strong contact through sexual links between the Moon and Mars, Venus and Mars, or one Mars with the other.

In synastry, we will find it important to view at dispositions in one another’s chart. This means that if one person has a planet in a certain sign, we understand the importance of the position of the other person’s ruler of this sign. This will be the planet that leads the first one into its specific dignity and aspects. For example, the positive situation would be to see two partners, one of which has the Moon in Capricorn, and the other Saturn in Taurus. This would mean that the first person is being taught by their partner to find love within and form a home and family values they generally lack.

You can be as in depth as you want with this or you could base everything off of your sun sign and just scratch the surface of things. How you choose to move forward is up to you and the person you’re with. If you want to compare mere sun signs please feel free to click here and go over the compatibility levels of your and your lovers’ signs.

To learn how to go over your natal chart and compare it to someone you care for, please check out the video below.


This was originally published by Awareness Act.


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