Which Personality Type Is Your Soulmate? TEST

Which Personality Type Is Your Soulmate? TEST

We all have different kinds of people in our lives who come and go over the years. There are some who are more special to us than others and a few end up being our closest confidants.

Lots of people end up having several best friends throughout the years and at different stages of their life. Sometimes we drift apart, move away, or grow even closer to them.

Then there are those who we end up falling in love with.

Most people are lucky enough to fall in and out of love several times throughout their lifetime, before eventually settling down and finding ‘the one.’

Only a few individuals stay with us forever, and they tend to be either family members or close friends.

However, only one person can be considered your soul mate, and they are one of the most important figures in your life. That person is the one you often turn to when seeking advice, comfort, reassurance, and guidance.

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They are always there for you in times of need and you know that no matter what you may be facing, it’s guaranteed they will have your back.

You count on them for love and friendship, as well as help and support. You tell them your darkest secrets and deepest desires without fear of them getting out or you being judged. In fact, you are someone’s soulmate as well.

Out of the following personality types, which do you think you’d be most attracted to based on what you prefer in a potential love interest:

The Performer- one who is highly emotive, expressive and creative.
The Nurturer- one who is empathetic, gentle, listens well, and is protective of others.
The Scientist- one who is smart, calculated, prepared, and sincere.
The Executive- one who is decisive, well rounded, and a natural leader.
The Mechanic- one who is easy to talk to, philosophical, curious, and has a kind heart.
The Visionary- one who is humorous, charming, easy going, happy and positive.

This quiz will help you work through the basics and narrow down who you should be dating or keeping an eye out for. You will be matched with one of the six archetypes above based off your behavioral preferences and what you look for in a soul mate.

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Find out now what type of personality you’re most attracted to and explore the topic in depth with this easy quiz. And if you’ve already found your soulmate, be thankful that you have that special someone by your side!

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