10 Reasons Why Female Empaths Will Always Struggle To Find The Right Man


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The most incredible individuals in this world are female empaths, but they are also not that easy, however.

For a lot of men, they may be a great challenge, and the ones that are not prepared to be with such women, they should not push it. When you are supposed to love an empath, there is nothing in-between – you can, or you cannot handle them, is that simple.

These are the ten simple reasons why the female empaths may struggle in finding their man:

The need for emotional satisfaction.

What a female empath often needs is to be excellently pleased, emotionally, as well as physically. If you are not prepared to fulfill such desires, you will probably have a tough relationship.

The constant need for freedom.

Keep in mind that in any way you cannot cage a person that is an empath. That is going to drive them crazy instantly. You should let them experience freedom so that you will have long, as well as a beautiful relationship.

Always aware of their needs and wants.

Female empaths really want to feel that they are loved, so they will also need a person that is going to be there for them in hard times. So, if you feel like you don’t have the ability to give these women what they really want, they are not going to be around you.

Asking questions constantly.

These people love when everything is evident in their mind. Because of this, you will have to prepare yourself for a lot of questions, as they will want to know everything about you. Often, you will feel like you are interrogated, but that is normal for them.

Being too honest.

Frequently, empathic people are not the ones that are going to tell you something that you actually want to know and hear. You should prepare yourself as they will tell you the truth consistently.

Feeling intense.

These people are quite powerful, forming profound connections with everything, as well as everyone. There are people that cannot stand when they are with such a person, as they are not able to handle a person that has profound emotions for everything.

Hate being in temporary relationships.

These people really don’t want to be in temporary relationships. What they really want is a person that is going to be there when they need him or her, forever.

Valuing reliability.

What empaths really need in life is stability. They care only about finding a person that they can rely on and trust.

Seeing the worst and the best in other people.

As empathic females see the worst and also the best in others, it does not imply that you will not be able to read their thoughts. You should have in mind that empaths are people that hate to be controlled.

Loving hard.

These females will love you more than you can imagine, and you cannot imagine that love. They are going to give everything and expect something in return too. So, when a person loves an empath, he or she should get ready for the incredible love.


This article was originally published by Conscious Reminder.


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