Soul Healing: 4 Signs That Your Soul Needs Healing Right Now!

soul healing

As we move through spiritual awakening in any capacity, one thing is certain; healing will happen. Its a natural part of the awakening process and no one gets to awaken without it. The question is, when?

The truth is that your soul governs when you begin healing, not you. Your soul will catalyze the healing phase whether you’re ready or want to or not. It knows divine timing, and it knows when we must begin.

The cool thing about it though is that your soul is not only in complete control of starting this healing process, but it will actually show you exactly what you need to heal in order to move forward in your ascension.

These are the four signs your soul needs healing right this very minute:

Your emotions are highly sensitive

If there was only one sign I could give you to indicate that your soul not only needs healing, but is urging you to heal right now, highly sensitive emotions would be it. This isn’t an accident. Your soul knows that its time to get started on this healing journey, and so it switches all the settings for your sensitivity to an all time HIGH.

This may seem like a random and inconvenient symptom of awakening but actually it is a necessary adjustment in order for you to heal. You see, in order for you to HEAL, you need to FEEL, and in order for you to FEEL, your sensitivity needs to be heightened to a level where you just can’t possibly ignore it.

You can’t wriggle free of this one, and you should consider it a safety net, to ensure that there is no way possible that you can fail to complete this awakening transformation. It makes sure that no matter what, healing will be done.

You’re picking everyone else’s ‘stuff’

Empathy is an intuitive gift and for the most part, we should be celebrating in awe of the incredible clarity of this gift – not to mention the ability to actually feel someone else’s feelings – I mean, that’s pretty amazing.

But I know that when you’re going through awakening, empathy can often feel like a cruel curse of the Universe and can leave you wondering ‘why me?’ – not to mention ‘how the heck can I be a healer when everyone else’s stuff breaks me down like this?’ Well, don’t worry my friend, its not forever.

If healing others is for you, you’ll have all your gifts and more when the time comes. You wont be bogged down by other people’s stuff either. But there’s a common misconception about empathy that I’m going to clear up for you, and its going to make you feel a lot better.

Its not empathy – its mirroring

Yup, everyone thinks that it’s empathy, but it’s not. It basically means that, yes, you are picking up on other people’s stuff, but its not because you’re supposed to heal them, it’s because you’re supposed to heal YOU.

People are literally becoming a mirror for the darkness and pains and issues that exist inside of YOU. It’s called triggering, and it’s yet another safety net of awakening to ensure that you can’t run away from your problems. It ensures that you’ll become aware of absolutely everything within yourself that needs to be healed, and you’ll become aware of it because other people will trigger it within you.

soul healing, mirroring

Oh and FYI, you can’t really run from it either – I tried that (I hid in my bedroom under the duvet for months at a time). If you do then the news will trigger you, or a movie, or your family, or the feelings will just start spilling out uncontrollably (then you’ll end up crying underneath the duvet too).

This ‘stuff’ has got to be healed, or you’ll never become your real, authentic, divine and connected self. Rest assured that it’s safe to come out, you can take it slowly, and that you can easily start to work your way through clearing these feelings so that they are more gentle and manageable when they come up (I’ll show you how at the end of this article).

You’re Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck in your awakening journey means that you’re blocked. You want to move forward, and you know that you really should be – perhaps you’re even beating yourself up for not being further along the path by now. What’s happening here is that you are literally sensing the energies of the obstacles that are in your way.

When we have issues to heal, and particularly when we don’t heal them, they start to back up on us, building, piling, dishing more and more until we have what feels like a mountainous wall before us, stopping us from moving forward.

What we need to do is to get started on clearing the issues that created that wall in the first place, removing and demolishing them brick by brick until it all comes tumbling down, and we can get this steam train moving.

The great added bonus about healing is that once you have demolished that wall (which is actually pretty quick and easy), you’ll never get stuck again. When you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to heal yourself, you can pick these issues off right as they come up – flicking them off of your shoulder as you continue on your journey. By then, they won’t even stop you in your tracks.

So why do we need healing? 

This is why healing is so important. This is why healing is the key to not only getting unstuck in your awakening journey, but in moving forward, empowered, stable and confident.

Its about being an active participant in your awakening, rather that just letting the awakening throw you around like a rag doll. You can heal yourself, and once you do, you can walk (or run) down that path, fully conscious of the experience, being able to delight in the wonder of the highs of it, without getting trodden by the lows.

If you’ve got one or even all of the signs on this list, then it’s a sign your soul is calling you. Its asking you to step up, to report for duty. Its starting to show you through your emotions and feelings exactly what you need to heal in order to move forward. Its a team effort, and you need to work with it.


This article was originally published by Mystical Raven.


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