How to Spot People You Were Close With During a Past Life

In this world, we meet tons and tons of people. Some of those people are new and others are people we’ve already had contact with before.

While there are many souls on this planet during your current manifestation, the ones that come from the inner circle of your past lives will be more prominent than the rest.

These people will be the ones that stick by your side and are there for you through any and everything this world throws your way. As we go through different lives together, we all grow and learn to respond to one another on a soul level.


Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be in contact with someone from the inner circle of your past lives. If you find that you are, make sure this person knows you appreciate him or her. Lives are short and we do not get to spend nearly enough time before together before we are all forced to find one another again.


12 Ways To Spot People From The Inner Circle Of Your Past Lives:


1. Upon meeting this person you felt like you had already met before.

You feel like you have known this person for your whole life even when you’ve only just met. The connection you have is very real. You are able to hit it off quickly.




2. You have an instant bond.

You both feel drawn to one another. The bond between the two of you is very present even from the beginning of things. You just get one another.




3. This person evokes positive emotions within you effortlessly.

This person makes you feel a lot of good things. He or she is a positive influence in your life. You both lift one another up.



4. You and this person get along better than anyone else.

You and this person do not often argue. You both get along quite well. This is because you have already sorted everything out before even coming to this planet.





5. You feel like this person understands you.

You feel like this person really gets you. This person sees you for who you are and not who you appear to be. He or she can sense the truth within your being.





6. You are very patient with this person.

You are a very patient with each other. Sure, you might both get on each other’s nerves but you work through it. Patience is something we tend to have more of when the soul is familiar.





7. You lose track of time when you are together.

When you are with this person it is as if time goes into hyperspeed. Every second turns into a minute and every minute into an hour. Before you know it your day is completely gone.





8. This person gives you a broader perspective on things.

This person brings a lot of things to your attention. When you are struggling to see the bigger picture he or she will help you to see it. This person truly teaches you a lot in this life.




9. This person pushes you to be your best self.

This person pushes you to better yourself. He or she only wants the best for you. You are able to grow because of this person.





10. You trust this person without question.

This person is someone you can trust and do trust. You have both been on the same page from the very beginning. This kind of connection is hard to find.





11. With this person, there are few challenges.

This person does not bring forth a lot of problems. You both get along well. While there might be a few spats here and there, for the most part, you are both very positive for one another.






12. You both seem to know what the other is thinking.

You both seem to be able to read each other’s minds. You really get each other. It’s like everything this person thinks goes right to your mind when you’re by his or her side.




Source : awarenessact


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