The 5 Kinds Of Soul Groups That You Are A Part Of

soul groups

All of us are beings made of pure energy, which is the building block of everything in the universe. Some of us have materialized on this planet, in this form because we have a purpose for existing here, in this point in time.

Though each of us is here for a different reason, but we are all connected implicitly. And not just that, we come here together, as part of soul groups who have similar motivations and we share a unique bond with them, in this realm and all others.

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Here are the different kinds of soul groups we belong to.

The Source

We are all connected because we are formed by energy; all connected with the universe with an unbreakable bond. Even when we are on earth, our actions have an impact on our own energy as well as the energy we send out. So everything we do, good or bad, impacts the world. None of our actions (or inactions) goes without causing an effect in the cosmos.

Our Soul Community

These are the souls which share a similarity of vision with you. They are here to learn the same things as you do and the paths they choose interject with yours often. These could be people you work with, or your club buddies, or even a random stranger who picked you up when you were having a bad day.

The Family

The souls with whom we share a gene-pool in this incarnation; this is the family we are born in, and in some rare circumstances people who are like family to us. But what is essential fact is that we decided in the higher realm, to experience earth with similar opportunities and circumstances.

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Our Soulmate Group

The Soulmate group is a group of 3-9 souls, who each is linked to us in a bond that goes deeper even than family. They help us in our awakening and will always support us, in all the realms.

Twin Flames

When one soul reincarnates in more than one body it leads to the formation of a Twin Flame. Twin Flames are not just limited to be the romantic purpose. All of them coming together is for greater benefit of the cosmos.

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