12 Signs That You Are Receiving Guidance From The Universe!

12 Signs That You Are Receiving Guidance From The Universe!

We get all kinds of signs from the universe daily, yet decoding them and applying them to our everyday lives is a bit more of a challenge.

The tricky thing is, you may not recognize the guidance at first. It may be totally unnoticeable, or even if you do notice it, it’s easy to discredit it as only a coincidence.

The Universe doesn’t leave you and your stubbornness out to dry, though. Ignore the first signs, and the universe will persist and get more obvious. It might come in the form of physical symptoms, or occurrences that shove you out of your comfort zone.


Pay attention when you notice any of the following Signs From The Universe!


  1. Occurrences that you might even call coincidence, except that the timing is too perfect.
  2. Dreams that offer you messages or suggestions.
  3. Books (or blog posts!) that speak directly to where you are in your life.
  4. Physical symptoms that signal something deeper (like back pain when you’re carrying the weight of the world on your back). Refer to Louise Hay (get a free pdf book)
  5. Roadblocks on your current path. If something seems much harder than it should, it may be a sign that you’re supposed to take a fork in the road. When you’re listening to your calling and in the flow, things can feel effortless.
  6. Messages that arise during meditation.
  7. Gut feelings or instincts you can’t ignore.
  8. Something someone says that cuts right to the core of you.
  9. A sense of inner knowing that something is true, even though it feels completely crazy, implausible, or unachievable.
  10. Song lyrics that pop up over and over again.
  11. Answers to prayer that direct your path.
  12. People you attract who share your calling and guide the way or share the path with you.

12 Signs That You Are Receiving Guidance From The Universe!The universe doesn’t always speak clearly. Sometimes they’re garbled, not necessarily because the universe doesn’t know how to deliver clear messages, but more likely, because you only half listening.

You could tell when the universe is trying to communicate – strange coincidences would happen, serendipities abound, books fall open as if by accident, dreams appear. They’re confusing. They don’t answer questions directly.

You still have a choice, no matter what the Universe says or does. You can be smacked in the face with the answers, and you can still decide not to listen.

Free Will is a funny thing when it comes to spiritual guidance. But we don’t have to follow the guidance. We may either fail to observe the signs or ignore the signs.



“If there’s any action I’m supposed to take, please make it known.” 

“If I’m supposed to do [insert what you’re confused about], please send me a sign.” 

“Please use my dreams to deliver any messages You wish me to receive.” 

Don’t forget that the Universe seems more likely to guide you if you’re actually brave enough to follow the guidelines.



Source: enlightened-consciousness.com


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