2 Of The Most Important Magical Universal Laws You Need To Know!

universal lawsWithin today’s special article, I would like to discuss two very real magical universal laws that affect us on a daily basis.

These same laws govern the invisible worlds that create reality.

Being able to observe and be obedient to these universal laws will make your life journey that much easier.

You can also learn to bend universal laws with the power of your will, but for now, I will discuss a few as time permits in this lesson.

Magical Universal Laws

The first and most important law of this universe and every other universe that can ever exist the law of love. Love is the highest law of all.

Doing acts of love for yourself and others for your own best and the highest for others is positive.

However don’t ever get love confused with doing things like love spells or overpowering the will of another being, an act of love.

Even if you believe it is for their own good, you can only bless them to be the highest and greatest they can be on their own terms.

Blessing yourself includes bringing things into reality for the usage for you to develop and become the greatest and best you can be.

Magical Universal Laws 

The second and most real magical universal law is that of karma.

What you put out it into the universe will be sent back to you in equal amounts.

If you have a mind filled with hostility and hatred, chances are you will be hateful to others.

Being hateful to others will only make people dislike you and it will make your life harder. You see karma is the effect of your actions in daily life.

What you think, what you say and what you do in your life has an effect on the universe.

If you intentionally do bad things like an act of evil towards another person, you will notice it will come back to you.

Using the magical universal law of Dharma you will want to be conscious and loving in your daily life.

This will eliminate any situations where you could have karma come to sting you when you least expect it.

The law of karma is very real and should not be fooled with. Never do hostile or hateful things to other people.

Instead bless them as much as you can. Be sure to continue using the magical universal laws to your advantage.

They are very simple. Be loving in everything you do and be aware of your actions and the effects they have.

Source: D. W. Greene 


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