A Galactic Tidal Wave Of Divine Light Is Descending Upon Earth

galactic tidal wave

A galactic tidal wave of divine light is descending upon earth, raising the frequency. The old reality is ending.

We will experience a dynamic re-calibration of electromagnetic fields into Earth on a global scale, which will trigger a radical shift in consciousness.

We will experience more energetic shifts, frequency expansion symptoms; the healing, balancing and aligning of the mind, body, and soul.

The cosmic Christ energy entering the planet now is increasing the frequency of our kundalini energy. And our auric field is expanding and becoming brighter.

The aura is holding more of the high-frequency cosmic energies it receives from the higher dimensions in space. As the aura expands, the person expands their consciousness.

Our aura must go through these expansions in order to merge with new Earth. The frequency changes are filtering out any lower vibrational frequency from our body. 


As you feel these ascension symptoms; Emotional changes-feeling irritable, overwhelming mood swings.

Mental changes-feeling disorientated, lack of concentration. Physical reactions-high pitch sound vibrating in the ears, intense pressure around the head, fatigue, exhaustion.

This is a clear sign that you are spiraling upwards with Earth and integrating the higher frequency codes, thus creating an interconnected and unified crystalline body that will carry more cosmic christ energy.


Our body is being reformed, redefined. When we go through this process, our DNA also goes through this process.

The DNA is being given the programming to prepare for a brand new reality to be born within it so that it can begin to experience and visualize the new Earth beyond the lower dimensional confines of 3D Earth.

The activation of neural pathways will trigger new perceptions, new information, new impulses and the re-calibration of our DNA, thus activating our highest DNA potential.


astral1As the Earth spirals up through the Stargate 4D portal faster and faster, we are taken into higher and higher consciousness within the new Harmonic Universe.

As the veils are lifted we will perceive worlds of unimaginable beauty. A multidimensional reality that interconnects all things will be as clear as sunlight.

The old reality will be swept away by the revelation of what we are, released, transformed into a multidimensional being, conscious, whole and free.


New Earth will emerge without fear, without war, without greed, in a safe custodianship of the awakened human species, manifesting peace with love, light, and celebration.

Open yourselves to these high dimensional frequencies, open your heart, trust with love.

Now is the time of great shifting of the Ascension Cycle!

Within Love-Unit

By: Romeo Baron

Source: Angelstoyou.wordpress.com

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