This is How Lightworking has Shifted in the Past Decades

This is How Lightworking has Shifted in the Past Decades

Until recently, being a lightworker was associated with some sort of isolation. Lightworkers were medicine men and medicine women, spiritual teachers and masters.

They were the bearers of light, the channels for raised frequencies. Until not so long ago, the Lightworkers were the compass of the world, the center of divine operations.

But things have changed, as each of us began to discover the seed of light within. Indeed, there are people out there whose holiness and wisdom shatter what we thought we knew about ourselves and the world.

However, these individuals are just mirrors. If you feel drawn to a lightworker, something inside yourself is responding to the vibration the healer sends. What the master does is showing you the way to your own mastery.


This is what defines the dimension of lightworking, as we speak:

1. ) No matter the reality you have to deal with at the moment, you are light.

And your healing process affects not just the people you come in contact with, but also the world as a whole. Think about the butterfly effect. You can’t even imagine how holding on to the thoughts that feel good to you, changes the vibrational pattern of the cosmos.


2.) You don’t need to be in isolation to become a light-worker.

You cast your light on a daily basis, when you don’t get angry in traffic, when you feed a stray animal, when you hold the hand of an elderly as they are afraid to cross the road. Indeed, taking some time off and just going back to nature brings balance and healing, but most of us have unconsciously chosen to do the work in places that cry for help.

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So you can bring your light in business meetings, in the train station or while in conflict with your less than friendly neighbors.


3.) Lightworking is no longer the privilege of a few chosen ones, it is the pure nature of all of us. 

There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.


Meditate on your light whenever you feel exhausted, doubtful or confused. The only way that suits your needs is your way. People may come into your life and show you a path, but no matter where you look, what you see is just yourself. 


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