The Placebo Effect – A Spiritual Perspective

The Placebo Effect - A Spiritual Perspective

Someone once told me that running around barefoot on the grass while wearing red undies can help stimulate a healthy menstrual cycle.

I have to admit that I have tried it, and I think it worked however, many would argue that perhaps it was a placebo.

The idea of the ‘placebo effect’ is so strong that even when (probably narrow minded) pharmaceutical giants test out drugs, they too give some patients a placebo instead of the drug to determine its effectiveness.

This just goes to prove the power of the mind. The mind is one of the strongest tools we have, it is even stronger than our physical blood and bones, however as the cliché goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.


Our mind is so strong that being caught up with just a few negative thoughts can turn into a vicious cycle. Sure, we all have bad days but when we consistently live in fear, jealousy, anger and hate we slowly begin to absorb all of this into our bodies.

Our mind is so powerful that it can take these thoughts and begin to manifest dis-ease.

Being ‘negative’ doesn’t directly create negative physical experiences but it emotionally makes us interpret an experience as being negative.

The Placebo Effect - A Spiritual Perspective

Who determines what is negative and what is positive? We do, society does, the media does.

But, there really is no such thing as good or bad, it’s our perception and when our perception is unconscious, that is, when we are oblivious to our thoughts, actions and feelings, that is when our mind goes haywire.

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How many times a day do you say to yourself that you are stupid, unworthy, or that you are a failure? How many times a day do you stop yourself from doing something out of fear of not being good enough? How many times a day do you stop to say that you love yourself?


The Placebo Effect - A Spiritual PerspectiveIf you don’t know the answer then perhaps you should take some time to look.

Look deep within yourself, and although you may find millions of thoughts, you may find those pesky self limiting thoughts, or that one loud negative thought, and then all you have to do is turn it around.

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Being conscious of your thought pattern is the first step.

Our thoughts really do create our reality, but this is not some esoteric thing where you can pray for a car and it turns up (although I have seen it happen)- no, this is deeper than that.

Through life shit happens and good things happen, it’s how you deal with these things that creates your reality.

The mind can be led to believe all sorts of things, why not use the placebo effect to your advantage?


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