10 Signs To Make You Understand If You Have Found Your Mission

10 Signs To Make You Understand If You Have Found Your Mission1.) You will realize that you are preparing for your call from the moment you were born

Even the pungent aspects of life, disappointments, regrets, things gone downhill were preparing you for what you’ve been called to do now. You will realize that divorce, bankruptcy, the death of the loved one, failure, rejection, were all just a school that taught you the lessons that your soul needed to learn, to be what you are meant to be.


2.) Mystical things begin to happen

You might be tempted to define them as coincidences, just that they are too perfect, too correspondent to what you need at that specific time, too similar to ‘miracles’ to call them random events. Synchronicities will fill you with a sense of wonder because they are a proof that you are guided and you are not alone, that someone is ‘moving mountains’ to ensure that your mission will succeed.


3.) When you go off course, you will be redirected

Doors you wanted to cross will be closed. If you take the wrong turn on the road, your path will be full of barbed wire. The trip will become an implacable struggle, a deal will failure, the money will run out.

The mentor that supplied you with the magic gifts will follow you no more in the wrong way. People will not cooperate. Then you will ‘magically’ be redirected, just like during your initial call.


4.) You’ll be guided with ease, even in the face of obstacles

When you find yourself in difficulty in overcoming an obstacle, it can be hard to understand if you’re only testing your commitment or if you’re going off course. The obstacles can be part of the growth process, the construction of your inner hero, a necessary part of your trip as a hero. But they can also be signs that inform you that you have taken a wrong turn. How to tell the difference?

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The indicator you can trust, it’s a sense of sliding towards greater ease and fluidity. If the challenges are increasing and they are putting things worse, a tough fight overlaps the other, then you’re probably being taken away from your true calling. The universe is patiently waiting, turning the divine inches. When you’re back on the right track, things will start to flow again.


5.) Magical mentors will appear at the right time

Just when you need them more, the right people will appear, with the necessary tools to support you and your trip to this mystical path.


6.) Your health will improve

A strange but pleasing ‘side effect’ of finding your calling, will be your improved health.

You’ll notice less craving for unhealthy food, you’ll have more energy to move your body, aches, and pains that plague may disappear, you will feel less tired, chronic diseases may begin to improve.


7.) You may find that the money comes only when you are ready to throw in the towel

I’m not saying do not end up in debt or do not find yourself with an empty bank account.

But if you’re on the right track, you do not end up living under a bridge, and you’ll see that the money almost magically appear just when you’re ready to throw in the towel and leave it all behind.


8.) You may feel strangely calm, even when there are reasons to be concerned

All around you will think you’re crazy. A part of you will agree with them. But a wise inner consciousness, that part of you that I call your interior ‘Pilot Light’ will be so relieved that you’re finally on your way towards your goal, that you’ll feel unusually calm. At least as long as your rational mind will not start giving you a hard time.

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Our souls want to lead us towards our personal mission on this earth, and when we finally align with our calling, our happy souls do a little dance. It may appear as if everything in our life is falling apart, but you still have this sense of peace, a huge relief, because finally, you will know what you are meant to do.


9.) The universe will stretch out the red carpet

When what you’ve been called to do, is what is necessary for the greater good of all mankind, the Universe will bend over backward to give you everything you need, served on a silver platter. No request is too small.

A copywriter could voluntarily help just when you were thinking of writing a sales page. Some might give you a printer when you will need to print flyers.

You will feel well supported, you’ll feel so lucky to be on the right track even if you are not very sure about what you need to do.


10.) Your people will find you

Few can accomplish alone the call. Many of us need the cooperation of others to change the world. But do not worry.

When you are really proactive, your people will find you. But only if you’re brave enough to be vulnerable, to get in the game, to be what you have been called to be!





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