3 Coaching Questions that will Change Your Life

3-coaching-questions-that-will-change-your-lifeNothing beats the power of a really good question to get your mind’s flywheel up and spinning, and these 3 coaching questions have the power to change your life.

How do you know you’ve found a good coaching question? You’ll keep coming back to it, understanding it from different angles, over and over again, over a period of years.

The following three coaching questions are the most powerful I’ve ever come across, and they will have dramatic long-term impact on your life if you keep applying them.

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Fair warning, even though these look like simple and innocent questions, they will catapult you onto a new level in your development path over time. Unpacking these can also greatly accelerate your development journey.


3 Coaching Questions that will Change Your Life


1.) Success & Money

How do I define my success without using money or material attachment?

In the modern world we live in, success is usually synonymous with wealth and profit – but the two can be mutually exclusive.

When you begin investigating this question, it opens your eyes and mind to the many myriad ways that you add value to others, and the ways that they bring value to you.

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Over time, this question will help develop a much deeper sense of self-worth and appreciation for your abilities and talents, as well as the impact you have and the results you generate.

The simple litmus test for this exercise is this: if you can buy it, you cannot add it to the list.

So getting a new house can’t be used, but gaining a friend or winning a pitch can. Numbers in your bank account don’t count, but increased confidence and compassion certainly do.


2.) Ego & Self-Worth

What if I don’t matter? What if my needs don’t matter? What if I NEVER achieve my goals and dreams?

This is a surprisingly advanced question that will help you take leaps and bounds on your ego journey.

The personal development journey, you will come to realise, is all about overcoming ego – your sense of individuation, identity and separation. On that journey, you will have a number of ego deaths, many of which will take this theme.

The sooner you can make peace with this concept, and hit the rock bottom lesson of it, the faster and easier your development journey will become…. solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, and weakness will not be weakness.

This question is a direct shortcut into overcoming the all-important ‘I’ that so many of us battle. It’s a hard question that will take you to the depths of your pain at times, but the answer always remains the same.

Over time, you will come to see this as an amazing thing – I guarantee it.


3.) Clairvoyance & Manifestation

Is it intuition and clairvoyance, or manifestation?

This last question is one of those really Zen type of questions, and after 10 years, it’s still a question that has me pondering deeply at times.

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Intuition is KNOWING or THINKING something will happen before it does. Manifestation is KNOWING or THINKING something will happen in order to ensure it does. In both cases it looks the same… you think it and then it happens.

So are you thinking about this because it is going to happen… or did it happen because you thought it was going to happen?


Author: Chemory Gunko. I help you shortcut the growth and healing cycle so that you feel relief much more quickly – within days usually. Basically, we can change the way you feel about anything, helping you to find real mental, emotional and spiritual relief, permanently.

Website: www.lifecoachestoolbox.com


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