4-Simple-Techniques-To-FIND-Your-TRUE-SOULMATE-Using-THE-LAW-OF-ATTRACTION.jpgThe basic definition of the Law of Attraction states: “What you think about, you attract.” 

Positive thoughts have the influence to transform our lives for the better, most especially our love lives. With that, here are simple techniques that concentrate on using the Law of Attraction to find your soulmate.


STEP 1: Focus On What You Want

In romantic relationships, we have a tendency to concentrate on the things we don’t want in a partner rather than the things we do. You must give deep thought to what you want to create in your life.

Think through the relationships in your life and concentrate on what you want. You also have to get in touch with your inner truth, your true dreams, your goals, and your heartfelt desires. Honor these and own them without fright, disgrace, or inhibition.


STEP 2: Define Your Dreams

You have to keep in mind that your dreams and desires are not subject to anyone else’s approval. They are yours and yours alone, but you have to express them to achieve them.

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Your dreams and ambitions should serve to flare up the passion within you. This desire will not only motivate you to accomplish them but will also send a constructive vibrational occurrence into the world.

With the use of the Law of Attraction, the universe will respond consequently.


STEP 3: Create An ‘Ideal Relationship’ List

One functional way to activate the Law of Attraction in your love life is to make a dream list of your ideal relationship. Your dream list will be a wide-ranging overview of your dreams, ambitions, and desires. It will signify what you want to be, do, have, and accomplish in all areas of your life as well as your relationships.

Here are the simple steps to make an ideal relationship list:

1 – Make a T-Chart for Your Ideal Relationship

The first method is the creation of “T-chart.” This type of chart is a very operative way to recognize what you do want in your life by looking at the things you don’t want a soulmate.

Start by illustrating a line down the middle of a sheet of paper. Name the left column “What I don’t want.” and the right column “What I do want.”

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For example, within the relationship category of your life, you may want to concentrate on a topic such as “My Ideal Romantic Relationship.” Begin by jotting down what you don’t want in one column. Then on the other column, turn it around into a conflicting statement, saying what you do want.

2 – Cross Off the “Don’t Want” List  

Start filling out your T-chart. In case you don’t want a partner who smokes, write that down on the left. Then write the reverse of that on the right side: a partner who lives a healthy lifestyle.

When you completed your list, go back and cross off the “don’t want” list on the left side of your chart.

From now on, utilize the right side of each list and stay concentrated on what you do want in your life. You don’t’ have to give any further attention or energy to the list of what you don’t want.

By the way, the meek act of crossing out what you don’t want is empowering, and it feels really good!


STEP 4: Recognize What You Want In A Soulmate

After completing this exercise, it will help activate the Law of Attraction in the relationship area of your life. Finishing this also helps you to recognize what you want in an ideal partner.

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It is suggested that you complete your own “T” chart for the relationships that you want to attract in your life.

Keep in mind to remain focused on what kind of person you want in your life, rather than on the person you don’t. After you release the positive thoughts into the universe, you give it the power to transform your dream mate into your soulmate.


Source:  Minds Journal


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