5-Minute Energy Cleanse For A Blissful Bedtime

energy cleanse, bedtime

I, like everyone else, have a physical hygiene routine I follow at bedtime. I have to wash up, brush my teeth, and shower before I feel clean enough to go to sleep.

But as an energy healer, I also clear my energy field every night. As important as it is to physically wash off the grime of the day, it is equally important to energetically wash the heavy buildup you have acquired in the last 24 hours.

Just like your physical body needs to be cleansed, so does your aura—the 360-degree, egg-shaped personal energy field that surrounds you and picks up positive and negative vibrations from nearby people, places, and situations.

You don’t think twice about washing your physical body before bed, so why neglect your energetic one? This energy healing will have you going to sleep feeling light, refreshed, and at peace—inside and out:

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A 5-minute energy cleanse for bedtime

1. Take five deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. Imagine a beautiful light of any color (I usually go with purple) surrounding you in all directions and on all sides of your body. Once you get the sense of this bubble or cocoon of light, start to feel this light moving through your body.

Start at the crown of your head and feel it lighting every cell, tissue, organ, and fiber of your being all the way down to your feet.

3. Visualize your energy unhooking from draining people, places, and situations. Visualize fishhooks releasing from all of the things that made you feel stressed, anxious, sad, powerless, or angry throughout the day.

4. As you feel your energy moving back toward you, wash it in the beautiful healing light that surrounds and moves through you. This light acts as an “energetic car wash” that clears the heavy energy from your body, mind, and spirit.

5. As you feel your energy realigning, send another color of light (I often choose white) through your body. Feel this energy moving down from your crown to your toes. See this last shower of light strengthening your energy field.

This daily practice will realign your energy before sleep and leave you blissed out before bed. And who wouldn’t want that?

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This was written by Marci Baron for MindBodyGreen


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