7 Signs You Are An Alpha Woman

7 Signs You Are An Alpha Woman

It is not always easy to spot an Alpha woman in a crowd. They do not always draw attention to themselves but there are certain signs that you can look for. These signs may be more obvious when they are in a room with other women as these differences become more noticeable.


1. Natural Confidence

An Alpha women has a lot of confidence but this never comes across as being over confident or cocky. She attracts positivity from other women because of this confidence and this can help to make her more successful.

Skilled observers are able to tell when this confidence comes from having a natural skill and this will show how genuine she is.


2. Effortless Actions

All of the actions that an Alpha women takes appear effortless but this may not be the case. She has probably put a lot of effort into making sure that everything she does comes naturally to her and this hard work has paid off.

Rather than trying to make things happen, she tends to see where life takes her and deals with situations as they arise.


3. Straight Talking

An Alpha woman will never appear rude or nasty but they will not beat around the bush if there is something that they think you should hear. This means that she gains a lot of respect from other women, even if they do not really want to hear what she is saying.

People will be able to see that she is being genuine and honest and will come to appreciate her bluntness.


4. Takes Constructive Criticism Well

An Alpha woman has a lot of confidence and this means that they are able to take constructive criticism well. She is always looking for ways that she can improve and this criticism helps her to do this.

She will not be standoffish with women who criticise her because she will be able to see where they are coming from and will be able to deal with her own feelings.


5. Not Competitive

Alpha women will never go out of their way to compete against other women because they feel so secure about themselves. She knows that constantly comparing herself to others is not productive and so it is something that she chooses not to do.

When she looks into the mirror she is able to see that she has no one else to compete with but herself.


6. Emotional Intelligence

Alpha women are able to make good decisions about the relationships that will be good for them, and those that will be bad.

If she does suspect that a relationship will turn bad, then she will walk away from this before things get truly bad. This is true of both personal and business relationships.


7. Good Balance Between Work And Leisure

It can be difficult for many people to strike up a good work/life balance but this is not something that an Alpha woman has a problem with. She understands the importance of this and does everything she can to make sure that is is achieved.

When she feels like she needs a break she will take one without any feelings of guilt about the work that they could be doing.

You may not be able to immediately recognize an Alpha woman but once you get to know the traits that they all share, this recognition becomes easier.


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