7 Steps To Unleash Your Full Human Potential

7-Steps-To-Unleash-Your-Full-Human-Potential-1.jpgYou are a spiritual being enclosed in a human body. While taking care of your spiritual side is a prerequisite, taking care of your physical body is equally important.

Your life wouldn’t be as full as it is supposed to be when you neglect some aspects of your being.

You came into this world for certain reasons. Unleashing your full human potential is one of them.

Treat your body the way it should be treated. When you make the most of it, you’ll make the most out of life.

Follow these easy tips one step at a time until you have unleashed all that you are.

7 Steps To Unleash Your Full Human Potential:


1. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend.

Find a best friend for yourself. Best friends never leave you, criticize you, nor hate you.

If you could treat yourself the way you treat the people who are dear to you, you are giving yourself more power to become the best version of you.

Self-love also means not allowing the critical voice in your head to take control over your emotions. The second you stop any negative emotions in their tracks from entering your mind is the second you stop feeling these emotions.

Before you feel them, they have to settle in your mind. Thus, it’s important to be aware of anything that you allow to enter into your mind.

The way to stop negative thoughts is by looking at them as just thoughts and not allow yourself to get attached to them. All because you know better.

Cultivating positive thoughts create positive emotions that can give you a more positive outlook on yourself and on life.


2. Cultivate self-care.

At times, we get so entangled with the busy schedules that we fail to include self-care in it

We keep saying we can take care of our self later and set priority on things that seem more important.

The truth is, you can’t be successful in everything you do and pursue while neglecting yourself.

In the end, you won’t suffer alone, but so will your loved ones and career.

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Self-care is as important as providing food for your table. Failing to give yourself the care it deserves will soon make you feel irritable, burnt-out, or even sick.

The activities you need to include in your self-care regimen are doing things that fill you up, spending alone time, having dinner with friends, reading a good book, being with nature, having a body massage, or spending special time with your loved one.

The list could go on and on as long as it fills your tank. Just see to it that you include a self-care practice in your priorities on a daily basis.


3. Practice discipline.

There is no quick and easy way to become the best version of yourself. Everything worth having demands constant discipline and practice. Taking small steps every day is the best way to practice self-discipline.

Like a muscle, self-discipline is something you can build and grow. It’s not something you do overnight, it’s something you master through series of repetition.

When you do something over and over again, it will become second nature in the end. And once you have mastered the skill, you can move up to other areas where your full potential is hiding.


4. Take control of your body.

Your body is a temple that should be treated as such. You only have one, so there’s no reason you won’t take care of it the best that you can.

Living a life of abundance and wellness is at the tip of your fingers because you have the full control of your body.

Physical exercise is the best way to keep moving, get rid of toxins, and keep your blood in proper circulation.

Drinking plenty of water eliminates toxic build up, renews cells, and keeps your body functioning at optimal health.

Eat fresh foods and avoid unhealthy foods as much as you can. Your body is an amazing machine that provides you with cues as to the state of your health.

Pay close attention to these signals. Most often, ailments are caused by poor diet.

It’s always best to seek professional help right away when you notice something wrong, however, you can try listening to your body better because it always speaks to you about possible solutions.

Remember, you can’t function at your best with a poor health.


5. Listen to your intuition.

Your intuition is the quiet voice that acts as your internal navigator, which is always right about something.

Only that when your ego mind is strong, listening to your intuition is a struggle. It’s because your intuitive voice doesn’t compete to be the loudest, unlike your ego.

Your mind plays an important role in assessing right from wrong, good from bad, safe from unsafe, up, down, and many others.

The mind is supposed to be the servant and you its master but sometimes your ego scares you into silence and confusion while it pretends to be you.

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To listen better to your intuition, calm your mind.

Do this practice until you start hearing that kind inner voice in your head, which may also come as a gut feeling.

Allowing this inner voice to guide you makes your life more magical and things start to become easier. Your life would then becomes more positive and have more flow.



6. Be of service to the world.

You are provided with a unique gift that you alone can give to the world. Find this unique offering and share it with others.

It doesn’t have to be a heroic act so your gift can be effective to the collective consciousness. This gift might be something you love doing in your spare time.

It can be as small yet as effective as helping out an elderly, lightening up the moods of others by your humor, teaching others some skills, listening to a friend, writing blogs, expressing genuine love, or doing your inner work.

Not all people might recognize any of these acts but it surely is a way of providing service to the world.

As long as you find true joy in doing these things, you’re making this world a better place. You’re doing your part in creating a better world and unleashing your human potential.


7. Believe and live in abundance.

Having your deepest desires fulfilled and your wishes granted are all possible, if you just believe it to be so. A strong belief is what you need to re-calibrate your abundance meter and have the things that you want.

Repetition is key here. Repeatedly convince yourself that you can have what you want. If you can imagine having it, you can acquire it.

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Visualize yourself having the reality that you want. Have the end goals in your mind whatever they may be. It might be a dream relationship, a fulfilling career, or feelings of self-worth.

Seeing your end goal as happening in the “now” moment is a powerful tool to integrate your emotions into it. Once your emotions are on the same level as living in the reality that you desire you will start seeing opportunities.

This allows new doors to open up for you until you unlock your highest human potential.


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