8 Signs You’re A Natural Witch And Don’t Realize It

1 / 1 – 8 Signs You’re A Natural Witch And Don’t Realize It.jpg You’ve been called a witch and aren’t sure whether you should be offended or throw the biggest party you’ve ever had. 

To you, a witch is very clear cut: either you rock a sparkly dress and you’re a “good witch” or you’re lying dead under a house and you’re a “bad witch.”

I refuse to subscribe to a binary definition of a witch and am suggesting that you may be one, not fit into either category and not even know you’re a witch.

Witches don’t have to create concoctions with eye of newt, go to full moon soirees or drop knowledge from a crystal ball. As a witch, you live life as you are and refuse to subscribe to the box society would like to paint you into.

Here are some signs to help you know if you should keep a look out for your Hogwarts acceptance letter:



1. You’re Not the Statue of Liberty

You don’t need to take in the tired, the homeless, the hungry, the poor, the tired masses. You don’t need the “friends” who don’t call you back or EVER ask how you’re doing.

You don’t need the ones who act like they want to hang out, but they really want a free haircut or a snippet of your legal expertise.

You spend your time with the people who value you, the people who see the real you and stimulate you.

Your friends descend into the Underworld with you and then help you back to the surface when you aren’t sure you can return.

Friends aren’t people you have to rescue or be PC for.


2. You Aren’t Mom or Wife of the Year

You’re not going to make the best casserole or have pancakes, juice and fresh cut flowers in the table for breakfast.

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You don’t have time for that. You’re not here to please your partner or hope that he will make you happy.

You grab your kid by the wrist and drag him through Target, sticky handed because it makes you happy.

You love it there and can’t leave without dropping $100 at the register, even when you don’t need anything in your shopping cart.

Bask in your perfectly imperfect self.


3. You Decline Your Mom’s Calls

You can feel in your bones when the phone rings that it is her, before you even look.

You don’t care that there is an open house in your neighborhood. You can’t take your mom calling to tell you how she had to take your sister’s kids for the night, again, and how hard it was.

She’s your mom. You love her. You might even be friends with her on Facebook. But, you can’t bear to hear how hard or dysfunctional or tired or busy she is.

And, you surely can’t tell her what she wants to hear.

You quickly calculate the cost of replacing your phone and decide not to answer.


4. You Shred Expectations for Breakfast

You spent your life doing what you “should.” You went to school, got married, had kids. You hate it all.

You hate that you got a degree that you don’t use and are still paying for.

You fantasize about single life and find yourself checking out hot dads and moms at school pick up.

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You’ve resolved that if your kids use one more bath towel this week, you plan to leave them in the Target parking lot.

Despite your borderline psychopathic thoughts, you’re ok with all of this. You know it is who you are.

You’re not shouting it from rooftops, but you spend your shower time crossing the should off your to-do-list and then putting it in the shredder.


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