Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms? This Is The BIG Reason Why

Are You Experiencing Advanced Energy Shift Symptoms? This Is The BIG Reason Why

Are your ears ringing? Do high pitched tones overwhelm your senses whenever you sit in a quiet moment?

You’ve likely been reading about the energies pouring across Earth at this time, and the symptoms they are causing to your physical and etheric bodies. Are you feeling the energies and the changes they bring?

Perhaps, you’ve read other articles that guide you through the processing of these energies – these light frequencies, into your consciousness.  Still, many of you may not be aware of the grand dynamic at play in our galaxy that ushers in these changes into our time and space.


So, a brief recap: “Every 13,000 years or so, planet Earth comes into a space/time overlap or period of NULL-TIME… an electromagnetic no-zone or energy vacuum, with complete absence of electromagnetic fields and the temporary suspension of the planetary grid system.”

This cosmic cloud is called the PHOTON BELT… and ushers in an era of Light (2,000 years of Enlightenment) after a much longer period of [biblical] darkness. We are now poised to enter this Photon Belt, and there is nothing we can do to avoid it. It is the ending of a cycle. Understand it without fearing it.” 1

Those words were written in 1995… and now, we are deep into it.  We’re surging through it, like a high platform diver rips though the water.

Yes, the energies flooding the Earth and our bodies at this time are courtesy of the Photon Belt. Whether you know it, sense it, or feel it, these Photonic energies are initiating enormous change. 

Are you dealing with emotional stress, heart palpitations, lower abdominal pain, headaches and that ringing in your ears? These are all symptoms of your physical body, energetic body and chakras assimilating the higher frequencies. .. and it’s becoming quite a process

For a full list of energy shift symptoms check: 25 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide

Each person will handle these changes in a different way, but the important thing is allowance and acceptance with gratitude. Don’t fight against the tide.

Trust you intuition. Whatever you are being shown, is a part of your cosmic story. As the energies shift, you will find that going with the flow of what you are being shown, will reduce your symptoms and the changes themselves will come more quickly.


As you absorb and translate the information embedded in these energies, you may discover it is possible for your consciousness to jump back and forth between our 3D lives and the 5D existence that we are hurtling toward.

This feeling or knowing can be especially powerful wherever you may have a safe meditation space. Stop and feel it… the veil between dimensions is very thin at this time.   Your dreams, wants, needs and goals… the destiny that you co-create has already occurred in the higher dimensions, where there is no time.


Do you believe in reincarnation? From that higher perspective, it may be possible to view your multiple lifetimes. Imagine yourself on a 5th dimensional platform, peering down on a 3D time line. 

Try to you perceive prior or future lifetimes, across that linear timeline. Then realize that those lives can be viewed in any order you choose. Is it possible that reincarnation itself is not linear and that your soul can jump into a selected lifetime at any point in the 3D time line, simply based on what your soul wishes to learn?

In her book, The Pleiadian Agenda,  well known author and shaman, Barbara Hand Clow, wrote, “ as photonic light increase in your solar system, your karma transmutes into information, since light is information.” 2

Photon belt energies = light = information = karmic revelations.

Your personal revelations will continue to pour in with these light frequencies as we accelerate to a whole new level of understanding. Allow and accept with gratitude. Just don’t worry about time. The universe will provide, in the manner that suits your highest good.


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  1. The Pleiadian Agenda – By Barbara Hand Clow 1995 –page 43

Author: Robert Stewart on


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