Cromotherapy: Using Colors To Improve Our Lives

cromotherapy using colors-to-improve-our-lives

Everything around us has colors and influences our emotional states from our food to makeup, from furnishing objects  to the background of the PC, from the various shades of the sea to the forest green shades, shimmering crystal to the walls of the house.

  Without the colors (darkness) it has been proved that our mood worsens considerably. Several studies have shown the connection between depression and those who work in dark environments, or with people wearing dark sunglasses for many hours a day. Colors influence in an important way our emotional states.

 Cicolani, an expert in Emotional Color Therapy explains: “Very little would be enough for humans to maintain always a fair dose of good humor despite the many adventures that daily life imposes on us”

Indeed, we can avail ourselves of the many effects that, unbeknownst to us, the color has on our moods.


What does each color indicate about our emotional state


Colors help us get in touch with our daily emotional discordance. This is what the presence of these colors around us(clothing, home painting, everyday choices etc) tells about our emotional state:

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  • the fear of not being loved, the hunger for love (pink / crystal)
  • the mood (gold rush)
  • the sense of inadequacy (purple)
  • feeling drains and no energy (green light)
  • anxiety (turquoise)
  • have a thousand fears (celestial water)
  • be easily manipulated (dark purple)
  • be cold, aloof and intolerant (mix of dark purple, red, pink, green)
  • the inclination to put off the time (red amber)
  • the sense of frustration (light orange)
  • panic attacks (dark purple, light blue water, gold, crystal)


Every ill-being has a “curative” color

cromotherapy using colors-to-improve-our-lives

There are a lot of colors that help us change in short our mood, the so-called warm colors: yellow, gold, orange.

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If we want to eliminate the negative thoughts, simply use the color blue, not too dark blue because otherwise we get depressed, but watered down, light blue, light blue water, turquoise, etc. 

  • gray to detox from the world;
  • light orange if you feel frustrated;
  • Green sea against the violent and negative reactions;
  • red amber to fight indecision;
  • blue against the headache.

In addition, in case we want a meditation room in our house, all shades of purple and gold help meditative activities and reconnecting with our spiritual side.

Purple for transcendental meditation, while gold if we are interested in a less introspective meditation and more projected towards the outside.


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