Dreams If You Dream About Any Of These 14 Animals, There Are Important Messages Your Subconscious Mind Wants You To Know

Dreams-If-You-Dream-About-Any-Of-These-14-Animals-There-Are-Important-Messages-Your-Subconscious-Mind-Wants-You-To-Know.jpgOur dreams hold powerful messages from our subconscious mind. These messages are most often shown in form of symbols, events, sometimes even animals.

Each animal represents a specific meaning in our psyche that can represent a message. Yes, consciously we look at animals as what they are, living beings with a different biology a part of nature.

However, the energy, character, and archetype each animal possesses is absorbed by our subconsciousness and later projected unto our human traits and personalities.

Each animal is almost like a symbol of our subconscious mind. That’s why most often animals can show up in our dreams with a purpose to share a particular message that our subconsciousness wants our conscious mind to become aware of.

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When you have dreams, or even frequent sightings of one particular animal, bird, or insect, you have to be open and aware of the messages it brings.

If you dream about any of these 14 animal messengers, these are their messages:



Seeing a hawk means you have to pay attention to everything that is going on in that particular moment, a teacher may be coming to you. Or, it might be sending you a warning over something, in which case you have to quickly assess the situation.



An eagle is a strong messenger possessing a great spirit. Presenting itself to you means you are blessed, protected, and that higher consciousness thoughts are being available to you now.



When a cardinal appears before you, it means that a spirit of a father or grandfather figure wants to reveal itself to you. It also means you are strong, confident, and having mastery over an area in your life.



To see a bluejay means a mother or grandmother figure in spirit is coming through and brings about soft, feminine guidance. It also shows you that it’s the best time for family bonding.



As always, the dog brings messages of loyalty and protection. Maybe you need that in your life right now, or you need to show that to others.



A cat carries the message of mysticism, astral travel, time for play, and independence.



Seeing a spider means you are weaving the web that connects ideas together, and things are lining up together. Or, you may be a storyteller in that particular moment.



A ladybug carries a positive message of a lucky time ahead. It says you have a Midas touch and everything you touch turns into something useful or beautiful.



To see an owl means you possess wisdom. It also signifies that you might be carrying on nighttime activities instead of giving time to your education. Or it wants you to remember what you’ve dreamt in context of wisdom.

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A dragonfly tells you that a spirit is all around you and that it’s the perfect time for you to seek validation for being on the right path for your evolution.



Seeing a wolf means you need a teacher or family support. Wolves live in packs, so be sure that you, too, should surround yourself with like-minded people.


As a snake shed its skin, so are you. Snakes bring the message of change and of shedding the skin of old. It also makes you aware of kundalini energy, as well as warn you of the sneaky influences around you.

Butterflies suggest a time for transformation, a beautiful shift that occurs inside and outside of you.



A dove brings the message of a peaceful time ahead, romance, or companionship that’s coming your way.

 Everything connects with everything else. We are all connected and a part of a bigger spirit. This spirit guides us by sending animal messengers, especially in times of doubt, confusion, validation, when we need awareness of what may lie ahead, or even for confirmation if we’re being on the path we’re supposed to be.


Source:  spiritualunite


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