Find Your Year Card And Connect To Your Personal Tarot Message

Find-Your-Year-Card-And-Connect-To-Your-Personal-Tarot-Message.jpgYour year card can help you in multiple situations throughout the year in which you need guidance. Messages you get from working with your card allow you to approach a problem with a new perspective.

As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Your intuition will grow in the process of using your year card, and you will be able to find creative solutions that you might never have figured out by “thinking about it.”


How to Find Your Year Card

Finding your year card is simple. Just follow these steps:

First, add the month and date of your birth to the current year. For example, if you were born on August 6, you would follow this formula: 8+6+2017=2031; 2+3+1=6 (you always keep the highest number up to 22—The Fool). If the number is 23 or higher, just keep breaking down and adding the separate digits.


Now find your year number and the corresponding card below:


1. The Magician

The Magician Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteWhen the opportunity to use your best talents arises, your performance will seem like magic to those around you.

When you have a set of plans and enact them to perfection, quickly accomplishing your goal, people will be shocked.

Your accomplishments will seem ordinary to you as if they should have happened without question, but others will look at what you do like it is a new form of magic.

All of these circumstances summon forth The Magician card from the Tarot deck.

This is the card of making things happen, being in control, getting what you want because you understand how to earn it … and impressing everyone in the process of doing what comes naturally

to you.


2. The High Priestess

The High Priestess Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteWhen you are not sure how to act but you are calm, knowing that the answer is probably out there or that things will sort themselves out without your interference, you might notice that your relaxed posture on the seat of wisdom mimics that of The High Priestess Tarot card.

This card assures you to trust your gut, to be passive and wait to respond to provocations instead of provoking responses.

The world has many secrets in it to be unlocked and taking the less obvious path to any or all of these answers is the route favored by this card.



3. The Empress

The Empress Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteHas a run of good luck or a generous friend allowed you to take it easy?

Have you been immersed in art, music or other indulgences that expand the mind and soul?

Are you exhausted from all the shopping?

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Look for The Empress card to appear in your Tarot reading before too much of a good thing starts to spoil you.




4. The Emperor

The Emperor Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteAre you in control now? Has a situation bent to your authority? Have the principles you live your life by created an orderly world for you?

Have you been obsessed with alphabetizing your collections and files or otherwise turned into an organizational obsessive? Is there an authority figure in your life showing you the way?

All of these situations call forth The Emperor card from the Tarot deck. This is the card that asserts authority, organizes systems to retain maximum control and is the paternal influence of the Tarot deck, assuring that protection and security are provided to all those playing by the rules.


5. The Hierophant

The Hierophant Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteHave you joined a group that makes you feel like you belong? Are you following a course of instruction that has you deeply immersed in a new way of looking at life?

Have you developed a newfound interest in your cultural heritage? Has work or family recently forced you to conform to certain standards?

Is a person in your life or a philosophy you are interested in pushing you to behave to a norm? Expect to see

The Hierophant card in your Tarot reading if you are submitting your individuality (consciously or unconsciously) to a group, a cause or an ideal.


6. The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteAre you tying the knot? Or is it less formal between you two on the social plane, but as emotionally binding as you can possibly imagine?

Is a physical attraction becoming an obsession, weakening your decision-making powers and other boundaries you ordinarily have in place?

Is this struggle with temptation bringing about a transformation in who you have been in the world and who you are becoming in the universe?

Have you attached yourself to the philosophy of some interesting belief system that satisfies your quest for knowledge on the way life works and where its meaning can be found? If your Tarot reading reveals The Lovers card, some of these scenarios are already well in place in your day-to-day life.


7. The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteAre you in control? Did you just win big? Have you finally reached a new level of accomplishment? Are you being handed control of a big project?

The Chariot is the Tarot card most associated with victory and control. When you see this card in a Tarot reading in times of struggle, understand that when Caesar conquered an opposing army, his victory parade made the years of struggle worth it.

If you are not yet victorious, learn to appreciate your struggle, as the celebration you can have will be even more enjoyable with your challenges still fresh in your mind.


8. Strength

The Strength Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteDo you feel a little more in control with less effort than ever? Is it easier than before to maintain your position and engender respect?

Has a relationship that might have once been frustrating lately been a source of joy? Has your anger over a situation made you more committed to taking responsibility and working toward positive outcomes?

The Strength card is one of the most sophisticated cards in the Tarot deck, representing a higher level of consciousness that takes responsibility in order to master yourself and your world.


9. Hermit

The Hermit Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteOne of the more mysterious cards in the Tarot deck is The Hermit.

Alone on a hill, looking down into space below, a white-bearded, hooded figure holds a lamp from which a star spills out bright light.

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This simple enough illustration indicates a complex situation no matter where it lands in your Tarot reading.




10. The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteDo things in your life suddenly seem to be moving as if guided by some destiny? Are you at a critical turning point in life or in a relationship? Are you aware that every action taken could result in major changes?

Is the sense that you are being swept up in the tide of events and that every movement you make only makes the changes all the more irreversible?

Could you ever have predicted the shocking path that recent events have taken? If you are getting a Tarot reading at a time when the whole world seems up for grabs, the Wheel of Fortune will manage to make an appearance in that very reading.

Don’t be alarmed, though, for the forces of change represented by this card have at their core the ability to reveal to you your purpose in life.


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