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11. Justice

The Justice Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteWhen it is time for you to do the right thing, make a big move that involves absolutes or to accept responsibility for some of your actions and move on, the Tarot deck will reveal the Justice Card in your reading.

There is little you will be able to back out of once you set the course demanded by the Tarot’s Justice.




12. The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Tarot Card, Rider-WaiteIs he in danger? Did he put himself there? How did The Hanged Man get so tangled up? If you are receiving a Tarot reading, The Hanged Man card is a strong message from the universe that the option of surrendering is always open to you.

It might, in fact, be the quickest way to a complete and total victory

The Hanged Man has put himself in this position and there is no way he can win.

And yet, that halo lets us know that he may be about to claim a sizable victory.


13. Death

The Death Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteAmidst the shuffled Tarot deck, there is a card that nobody wants to see. Even though it is misunderstood (as exemplified in The Simpsons episode, “Lisa’s Wedding”), the most adept Tarot reader never enjoys explaining to a visiting seeker that their reading has drawn the Tarot’s card of Death.

Let’s face it; this is not a popular subject. And if you feel bad for the poor Tarot card reader who pulls it from the deck, imagine the dread this card creates in the person who receives it in his or her Tarot reading.

The most important thing to remember about the Death card is that it represents the coming of many possible types of death, not the physical one whose inevitability we all fear.


14. Temperance 

The Temperance Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteDo you see both sides of an argument? Can you lead adversarial parties toward a middle ground? Have you recently discovered the value of sharing control?

Is your recovery something that has brought you to a happy medium in life? Are the days of excess behind you?

The Temperance card is the Tarot’s way of indicating that peace will not be arriving because you already have it within you.

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When you are in that even place away from the harsh side of things, you will find that peace, and in unleashing it, exert the greatest amount of control over your world with the least amount of effort you could ever imagine.


15. The Devil

The Devil Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteThe Tarot deck has many high points and some low ones as well, just like life in general. There is no finessing card #15, The Devil.

It is not a good thing to get this card in your reading, with the exception that it may be the confirmation you need to end a dysfunctional relationship.

The core of this card is a negative relationship that you have with someone or something. It might be a lover or a boss. It might be marijuana or alcohol.

It might be a friend who you knew was a bad influence and yet you deepened the relationship. This card carries all of the negativity surrounding the twin terrors of addiction and codependency.

Toxic substances, toxic relationships and our deep denial about the depth of our situation conspire against us. The Devil card says your only hope is to abandon the current state of hopelessness.


16. The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteHas a big change of plans occurred? Are you getting a Tarot reading because some unexpected event has completely changed your life? Has your world turned upside down? Was a steady part of your life recently destabilized in dramatic fashion?

Is change happening too quickly for you to hold on to something? If so, the tower is influencing events and has appeared in your Tarot reading.

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This card is the Tarot’s way of acknowledging that the rapid transformation occurring in your world is due to forces beyond your control.

Be it a stirring of Mother Nature or the impact of someone else’s economic decisions on your life, understand that these are circumstances with which you had little if any influence over.


17.  The Star

The Star Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteAre you in a calm state and feeling hopeful? Have you felt that giving more of yourself and your resources would help make the world a better place?

Are you inspired toward a new creative path, be it artistic, spiritual or entrepreneurial? Have you turned a corner in feeling sad and are starting to see some hope in a long-term situation?

The Star is a Tarot card that will appear in your readings when the glimmer of hope is about to shine, when your generosity of spirit is making an impact and when your peace of mind has elevated your consciousness to the benefit of those around you.


18. The Moon

The Moon Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteHave you discovered an unfamiliar yet beautiful new reality? Are you feeling disconnected to the values and traditions with which you were brought up? Is an alienation from the norm creeping into your life?

Have you been talked into something that only last year you would have considered preposterous? Are you aimless in your goals and ambition?

Has an artistically inspired streak of creativity suddenly appeared out of nowhere? All of these brooding outsider tendencies call forth The Moon card from the Tarot deck when you seek a reading to show you the way.


19. The Sun

The Sun Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteHave you been feeling revitalized? Have you been the center of attention lately? Are you getting an award soon? Are you making a breakthrough in understanding the patterns of a relationship?

Has a recent victory given you a reason to be confident? Look towards The Sun’s appearance in your Tarot reading as an indicator that everything is going in the right direction for you.

When you are feeling at your best emotionally, physically and psychologically, The Sun confirms that it is no illusion – things really are going well!


20. Judgment 

The Judgment Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteAre your days of sitting on the fence do? Have you found a reason to keep living? Are you feeling refreshed and looking forward to moving on?

Has a casual interest turned into a dominating philosophy of life that you are pursuing as your true calling? Are you able to brush aside the ambiguities and obfuscations of the past and clarify exactly what it is you have been through?

When the Judgment card arrives in your Tarot reading, it is time to take a stand as the hardest choices become obvious after the simplest of appraisals.


21. The World

The World Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteDo you feel fulfilled? Have you completed a grand project exactly as you had planned? Are you reaping the benefits of your labor and beginning to live your dreams?

Do you feel in control of a relationship that is mutually beneficial to the both of you? Has that joined together created wholeness in your life that you longed for?

If these and other feelings of involvement and completion dominate your life, expect to see the highest numbered Tarot card of them all appear in your reading: The World.


22. The Fool

The Fool Tarot Card based on Rider-WaiteAre you feeling like you want to get away for good? Do you have no ties that bind or can you take everyone you love with you if you decided to get up and go?

Have you tasted a little freedom and want more? Are you oblivious to what is going on around you?

The Fool card is the “wild card” of the Tarot deck, but if it shows up in your reading, the chance to find out what your free will can create is being offered to you.





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