The First Thing You Do In The Morning Reveals A Lot About Your Personality


The way you start your day reveals a lot about what priorities you have in life. It reveals what has kept your mind occupied and it also says a lot about what makes you tick. It is quite obvious that the first thought of the day determines the direction we take and hence how we are as people. Read on and find out what it reveals about you.

Check the alarm clock

People who get up and check the alarm clock are usually the ones with a lot on their minds. They get up before the alarm rings as they are already in the work mode. They are driven, punctual, and they value time. Needless to say, they hate wasting any moment of their time.

Snooze the alarm clock

People who snooze the clock are usually hard-workers but they like working at their own pace. They do not like authority (shut up alarm clock!) and they work the best when given their own liberties. They may be slow to start but they definitely finish strong.

Look for your partner

People who look for their partners, first thing in the morning, are both hopeless romantics and extremely co-dependent on their partners. Their day does not begin without the love of their lives in front of them and they carry through the day lost in their thoughts as well.

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Stare at the ceiling for a long time

People who are awake but keep staring at the ceiling are the dreamers of the world. They usually try going back to the dream they were having before they woke up and like taking their own sweet time to greet the world. They are creative, thinkers, and philosophers of the day.

Go back to sleep

People who wake up and go back straight to sleep do not give a damn about the world. It’s their time and they accept it with pleasure. They are their own bosses and only they decide what they have to do. Carefree and chill, they love their laid-back life.

Check social media

People who immediately check for updates on social media after waking up are highly dependent on others for validation. They are really interested in other people’s lives and take a genuine interest in what others are up to. It may not be such a great thing to do but habits die really hard.

Check your phone for emails

People who get up and check vigorously for any important email that they may have had are usually leaders in their fields. They are always busy and each moment of their time needs to be accounted for. They are smart, punctual, and most of all driven internally.

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Check for nothing in particular

People who wake up with nothing really on their minds are creative thinkers. It’s like they wake up with an empty slate and can do anything in the morning, if not told otherwise. They are usually ready for the day but not really sure what the day may have in store for them.

Feel confused

Some people wake up every day feeling confused. It’s like they get bored immediately after waking up and they really don’t understand what to do next. It takes some time for them to get into their grooves but they do get into action once the sun is up in the sky.

Just leave the bed

These are some of the most active people you can meet. It’s like they wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world. They hit the gym, they go for a run or do something productive as their first thing of the day. Once they are out, they are out and about.

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Tidy up

People who get up and tidy their rooms, make their beds and start their day’s routine are usually the most organized people you can come across. They like their things a certain way and they may be a bit high-maintenance at times.

Curse everything

Some people do get up and curse everything in their sights. They wake up furious and hate the fact that there’s yet another day to go before they get to sleep again. They are actually one of the most honest people one can meet. They will let you know exactly what they think of you and they can be brutally straightforward, which is a rare quality to have.


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