Which Flower Will The Butterfly Land On? The Answer Reveals The Truth About Your Relationship!

Which-Flower-Will-The-Butterfly-Land-On-The-Answer-Reveals-The-Truth-About-Your-Relationship.jpgThis fun and the accurate test will analyze your relationship in the best way possible. Let’s see what your temperament and personality are like in a relationship.

All you have to do is choose the flower you believe the butterfly will first land on.

So, which flower did you choose? Let’s see what it says about you!


You chose flower A!

You are happier when you find yourself in a relationship!

Temperament analysis: You are not someone who blindly craves a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship.

However, you are happier and more fulfilled when you are with someone special.

It’s fun to experience the special, little things with a lover, and the feeling of stability will bring you joy.

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You also think that living alone is not that fun, so the probability of you dating is high.

You are not someone who relies on someone to be happy, but it will always bring you joy if you happen to find a good relationship.

Partner recommendation: You will get along with someone who chose flower B on this test.


You chose flower B!

You will not date unless you are convinced you to love this person!

Temperament analysis: You don’t really like to think about love, but this doesn’t mean that you view it negatively.

You feel that life is short and that finding love isn’t the end goal. You don’t simply want to date just for the sake of dating.

You want to find real love with someone. You won’t commit to someone until you are fully convinced this person is someone you love deeply.

You are happy by yourself and feel fulfilled with your hobbies and interests.

Partner recommendation: You will not meet someone until you are fully convinced this person is someone you love. You would be a good match for people who choose flower B and C on this test.


You chose flower C!

You are someone who enjoys the freedom of being single!

Temperament Analysis: You are someone who can live happily by yourself! However, you aren’t someone who says, “I will never date someone!”

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You understand the freedom of being alone. You are an independent person, so you’re fairly good at making your own decisions.

You think “you time” is very important, so it might be better for you to live alone!

If you try not to think about the difficult parts about dating, you’ll be able to think about love and romance in a more positive light!

Partner Recommendation: It’s hard to date someone who cannot guarantee you your own alone time.

Therefore, it’ll be good to date someone similar to you! It’s still good to spend time together though when you have time. You would be a match for someone who chooses flower C on this test.


You chose flower D!

You really want to be in a relationship!

Temperament Analysis: You really want to meet someone special! You can feel quite lonely by nature.

You feel happier when you’re able to rely on someone else. When you think about happiness, you envision family, friends, and a lover.

It’s important for you to have stable emotional relationships, family, love, and marital relationships.

You are happier when you are dating.

Partner Recommendation: You are someone who can adapt to any partner. You are a good listener and are reasonable.

You would be a good match with someone who chooses flowers A or D on this test.




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