How Old is Your Soul – TEST

Is this your first life on planet Earth, or you have a rich experience and now you are here to teach the others the laws of the universe.

Find out are you a newborn soul, or ancient, or maybe somewhere between.

Learn what is the most important thing for you in this life with this easy soul age test.

How Old Is Your Soul? TEST

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1. Newborn Soul

In the eyes of others, you seem as an unenlightened, innocent and pure like a child. Newborn souls are positive, excited to be alive, inquisitive and courageous. You are not afraid to experiment with adventures in your life.

You don’t have problems with authority and the core values of your habitat. You focus your attention on immediate survival needs and like very much to live in a more natural way, in remote tribes or rural and pastoral settlements.

Newborn Souls find it hard to adapt to ‘civilized society’. Because they lack both social understanding and self-inhibition, they are capable of committing antisocial or immoral acts without any sense of wrongdoing.


2. Baby Soul

You are searching the meaning, order, and stability out of the chaotic and uncertain nature of life. When you make a step forward to change something about your way of living, you often feel guilt and shame that you are not like the others that obey the rules and traditions without any question.

You care a lot about safety, security, structure, and order.

Baby souls can be ultra-conservative, traditionalist, orthodox, upright, moralistic, religiously devout, and mindful of law and order. They are acutely aware of the rights and wrongs of people’s actions because they know what is good and what is bad.


3. Young Soul

You have your own views on everything, you don’t like other people tell you what to do. You are more ego-driven than any other personality at soul age, keen to prove yourself in the world. You care very much about your material success, money, good career, big wealth.

You feel the fear of death because you feel like you don’t have enough time to accomplish your goals.

Young souls are agents of change and are responsible for many of the greatest advancements in the world. They tend to be “workaholics”.


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4. Mature Soul

You question the motivation for all of your life’s actions. Sometimes, you stay too long in inappropriate relationships – believing that through self-sacrifice, or tough lessons, you will ultimately prove that you are more powerful.

You are very sensitive to every aspect of your life. You are liberal and usually stay away from any kind of prejudice.

Mature souls want to go deep in the meaning of life. They experiment with esoteric knowledge until they find their own way. Mature souls feel that there is something much more than just to be a human and go deep in knowledge and religions to learn more about their souls.


5. Old Soul

You are wise, relaxed, calculated and resourceful. You don’t let the small problems in life get to your cool mind, and you see every situation in the right proportions.

You are individualistic and do not waste time pursuing meaningless ( for you), or unreachable goals like fame and fortune.

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Old souls all over this world share an experience of emptiness and a longing for a feeling of home. For these people, day to day life is very monotonous and little can surprise or compromise their self-assurance. Late-stage old souls often focus on teaching spiritual wisdom with great compassion.


6. Ancient Soul

Ancient souls tend to exude some degree of depth, gravitas or wisdom that is quite unmistakable. They are prudent beyond their age, they know exactly how to handle life and they make sure to never get caught unprepared.

Their focus is on true self-expression and fulfillment, consciously participating in the evolution of all-that-is. They learned this in all their years on this earth.

Ancient souls are here to teach others. They know every law of the universe and practice it without mistake. They don’t have boundaries in this earth and are simply pure prophets.


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