Not Everyone Has this Line on Their Palms – This is What it Means if You Have It!


You can notice that some people have that curvy line found under the ring and middle finger. This particular line can cover entire circle or two divided, smaller lines. People know it as Venus’s circle or love belt.

This line is common in people who are sensitive and vulnerable to love issues. If one’s circle is closed, this means that love disappointment is imminent.

So, in case you have this circle on your palm, you shouldn’t take the relationship disappointments as painful and fatal things, instead, take them as life lessons.

If the line makes a semicircle, it is a sign that you will face some love problems at some point of your love, but these problems are not unsolvable and you will manage to handle them.

In case you have few semi circled lines, one beneath another, then you have very emotional and sensitive character.

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You know that the palm readers are claiming that they can read your future, reveal your character and emotions and tell you what the different lines on your hand mean.

One thing is clear, that the heart line begins near the middle of your hand at the edge of your palm and finishes toward the pinky finger.


Which heart line is yours?


1.) If your heart line begins here, then you are an ambitious person. You are the intelligent and independent one who is very objective when it comes to judging people and actions of other people.

You are also good at making decisions. People often see you as a selfish and materialistic person. You can use your qualities to make the society and yourself better.

2.) If your heart line has this form then you are a kind, believable and careful person. You are an open person and often give away your heart easily.

3.) If your heart line has this form then it means that you are confident when it comes to love. You are always happy, no matter if you are single or in a relationship.

4.) If your heart line has this form then you are patient, calm, caring and open-hearted full of positive thoughts. You are a cheerful person.

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