PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST: Choose an image and discover your hidden personality!


The personality tests have the ability to show our entire inner world simply through a particular image. They can be drawings, double-sided snapshots, and even abstract photographs; depending on what we see in the first place, what we choose will show our personality.

 A study from the University of Los Angeles says there are nine types of people: perfectionist and thinker, loyal and dependent, challenger, caretaker and helper, enthusiastic and extroverted, individualistic and introverted, researcher and creator, loyal and successful, and peacemaker and quiet. Which one do you think you are? Surely you already know it.

In today’s article, we show you this image: as you can see the moon and the sea are in the picture. Obviously, in each of the four sections, there is at least one detail that differentiates one picture from the other: the star may be more to the left or to the right and the ocean may have a high or low wave.

Now it’s up to you to point out the picture that best suits you. Do you think you already have it? Well, throughout this post you will know its meaning: your whole personality will be revealed!


1. Drawing number 1

This image is chosen by 20% of the respondents, and its meaning is really special. The moon is on the right and the sea is calm, which marks very clearly who you really are: your desires to create are infinite.

Since you were little you have realized that you have an overflowing imagination; your dreams and future plans are immense, so your wishes to fulfill invade your mind every day. You will not rest until you achieve your goals, that in fact will cause you great happiness.

Even if you are imaginative, the truth is that you are very attentive to everything that has to do with the real world. You know more than enough what is important for your future, hence you act accordingly in all phases of your life.

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When it comes to love and friendship, you do not like changes, so you have the same partner for many years and even when you make friends, they will last a lifetime. You have big plans for your future: your desire to start an alternative business will make it possible for you to become successful.


2. Drawing number 2

3 out of 10 people choose this image as the one that most affects them: the moon on the right and high waves. These features are marked by a strong personality who is unimaginably influenced by feelings: Usually when making a decision, they weigh heavily what their heart says.

Honest, generous and kind, expect to meet other people similar to them, what in fact will make them very happy. Changes are welcomed in their lives but only accepted if they produce some kind of benefits.

When they get up every morning this thought invades their mind: “If I want to stay happy every day, I need fake it till I make it. “

Their routine has been the same for years: staying with the same friends, having dinner in the same restaurants and even paying the typical visit to the grandparents during the weekend.

They love to make people smile because they think that happiness is the engine of their world. They may be a bit untrustworthy, but when they acquire this ability, no one can stop them.


3. Drawing number 3

Have you chosen this picture? Well, you belong to a selected 15% of people who felt great when they saw it. What does this picture mean with the moon on the left and the low wages?

That you need to have intellectual stimulation. You have always possessed the intelligence above average, hence you are tempted to increase it by writing scientific articles, literary works by great authors and even solving logical problems.

Your sharp mind will miss nothing and your enormous intuition has already taken you out of many problems.

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As for sociability, you have a huge group of friends, but really when it comes to working you prefer to do it alone (you think the results will be much better if nobody bothers you).

You may sometimes feel jealousy toward other people’s success, and even get angry if someone does something better than you, but when you think about it more, you will understand that you have to work hard to reach that level. You have great talents when you are talking and arguing, hence you can captivate every person you meet…


4. Drawing number 4

We come almost to the end of this article, but before it, we must refer to the last drawing: 35% of those who saw the image chose it! It is not little since its meaning is spectacular.

For you, tranquillity and patience are two vital aspects of your daily life: you always try to take things very calmly, especially every decision you make, so that your answer is the most beneficial for you.

Curiosity is one of your main virtues: you need to know the ins and outs of everything around you.

You love to go out and have fun with your friends, although an evening with your partner is not something that you dislike.

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Your energy reserves are gigantic, so you always want to do something: a trip to the mountain and even extreme activities like bungee jumping and rafting are among your favorites.

After such exhilarating days you need to rest, so do not hesitate to relax with your loved ones.


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