Your subconscious mind could be hiding information that may be revealed during the fun little test below.

We may never fully know what lies at the depths of our subconscious minds. One can sense what the subconscious hides by analyzing dreams, intuition, or quick spontaneous reactions.

But full knowledge about the subconscious is beyond our grasp. That, of course, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to know ourselves better.

s the great Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” So, following these wise words, here’s a fun test that could help you in this journey of self-discovery.

Below are eight different symbols—a heart, cup, teardrop, bird, an hourglass, a butterfly, a puzzle, and a key. Choose one that you feel best suits you, and then read what it tells about you.


1. Heart

You are a well-liked person, especially by the opposite sex. You like to live in a world of fantasy, and dream about perfect love. The heart symbol could also suggest that you have difficulties with expressing your feelings.

Instead of confessing your true feelings, you expect others to guess what you are hiding in your heart. This creates a barrier, which could cause you to feel lonely.

2. Cup

You are ambitious, with power and success as your goals. You are competitive and like winning. Failures are difficult for you, and you usually blame others for it.

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You feel you are unique and deserve only the best. Perhaps you even think you’re better than others. The cup is a symbol of pride, effort, and great accomplishment.


3. Teardrop

This symbol indicates negative emotions and trauma; it also links to sadness, anxiety, and depression. Choosing the teardrop could mean that you have difficulty in dealing with people, are emotional, and have problems with certain feelings.

Perhaps you feel lonely and don’t have a close person to listen to your problems. Do you feel misunderstood at times as well


4. Bird

A bird represents freedom and detachment from problems. Sometimes you’d like to fly away and leave everything behind. You dream of a peaceful, carefree life, but for now, you know you can’t count on it.

If you chose the bird symbol, that could indicate opportunities ahead and overcoming barriers.


5. Hourglass

The symbol of an hourglass represents a fear for the future and painful past memories. You shouldn’t be bothered by past events, and instead, you should focus on the present. The hourglass could indicate you’re stuck on certain things. It would be good to let it go and start afresh, or simply move on.


6. Butterfly

You like beautiful and expensive things. While you may dream of having a luxurious life, you might not be doing much to change your current financial situation. You’d rather count on fate than achieve success on your own.

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Despite that, a butterfly, being a symbol of metamorphosis, could mean that you are ready for a change in your life. If you chose the butterfly symbol, this also means that you are creative and imaginative, but may lack the courage to realize your ideas.


7. Puzzle

You want to straighten things out in your life, but you fail to do so. Maybe the reason for this lies inside you? You don’t want to solve other people’s problems, because you feel you have enough problems of your own.

You want an orderly and peaceful life, a perfect partner—but for now, it’s out of your reach. From time to time, you feel frustrated and dream of a better life. You feel you are still missing something, but perhaps you should just be content with what you have.

8. Key

A key may indicate that you are closing a stage in life and new possibilities are awaiting you. Maybe you will solve a problem that you wanted to solve for a long time.

This symbol also suggests that you are hiding secrets inside yourself. You don’t show the world entirely who you are or what you feel.

Did you identify with any of the symbols? Notably, the understandings expressed above don’t represent the absolute truth of the situation, and we advise taking them with a pinch of salt.

Furthermore, the way such symbols are understood, and their inner meanings, differ from East to West. What we’ve presented above relates to a western perspective.