Shapeshift Quiz: Wich Animal Would You Like to Transform Into?


Zoomorphism coming from the word zoo (animal in greek) and morphi (form in greek) among others is used as a terminology for deities which are depicted bearing an animal form. 

Therianthropy as an additional term from the greek words there (meaning beast) and anthropos (meaning human) is the term used to describe the ability for a human to shape shift into an animal.

Quite interesting terms, and many shamanic tribes along with many Global stories describe this magical ability to connect with nature and change our shape to that of an animal.

Shapeshift Quiz and Totem Animals

Totem Animals are the spiritual archetypes of the various animal species and play a major role as spiritual protectors and mediums between the Natural and Spirit kingdom and human kind.

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Some believe that these spirits helped men and women to understand their capabilities of hunting, discovering, creating, swimming, building and evolving in general as spiritual and physical entities.

Similar to the concept of Totem animals we are going to see what does it mean for you depending on the animal you want to transform.


1.Bear: I‘m a force of Protection

Bears are considered the Great Mothers because they stay with their young cubs for quite a long time taking care of them and showing them the world. Protection is what you seek and what you can provide for everyone around you.

Moreover, learning how to ground your energies can be a valid source of magic. Earth is our Great Mother and our Ally. Tap into Earth’s power.

If you want to transform into a bear then you need to look into these keywords as they mean something about your personality:
Boundaries, Creativity, Motherhood, Healing, Lunar Mysteries, Power, Bravery


2.Butterfly: I‘m a force of Change

With the exceptional ability to change their DNAs butterflies are considered masters of transformations and in many cultures are often been paralleled with souls and are usually considered messengers.

Have you been feeling the need to talk with spirits? One of the easiest ways is to try the Automatic Writing. Contact the spirit world and ask for advice. You undergo a very important phase of your life. The phase of Cosmic crossroads.

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If you select that you want to transform into a butterfly the following keywords may ring a bell for you and the period you are actually in:
Transformation, Light, Big Changes, Transition, Spirit Work, Expression, Creativity, Peace


3.Cat: I‘m a force of pure Magic

Cats were always considered to possess magical powers and aid Witches and Mages to achieve better attunement to the higher realms. In Witchcraft it is strongly believed that cats can see the other planes and notice spirits, spiritforms and other entities.

Cats can penetrate spiritual barriers and see what lies within. You can also achieve that with Astral Projection. Find the truth in everything! 

If you would like to transform into a cat maybe you are seeking independence or greater understanding of the Magical Mysteries. The following keywords may help you understand more:

Intuition, Magic, Inner Guidance, Lunar Mysteries, Independence, Self-reliance


4.Crow: I‘m a force of Wisdom

Crows are very intelligent creatures and were often associated with the World of the Dead, no wonder as they were usually being depicted flying over battlefields seeking free food. Do you feel the need to connect with you ancestors?

Is there a part of you that seeks guidance and protection? Try this simple technique here from Ancient Greece.

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Crows and Ravens are the sacred birds of Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom as well as Odin, the Nordic King of Gods. If you have chosen to transform into a crow maybe you are seeking freedom and you want to break away from your fears.

Some of these keywords may help you understand even more:
Manifestation, Warning, Prophecy, Balance, Rectify Injustice, Wits


5.Horse: I‘m a force of Passion

One of the very common animal archetypes, horses have been loved by humans to a great extent. We can see that in the depiction of centaurs- half human half horses- they were considered very clever with exceptional battle skills.

Raising your vibrations can bring our the miraculous part of yourself. It always helps us! Horses are the sacred animals of God of the Seas, Poseidon.

If you chose to transform into a horse you may want to have a closer look to the following keywords:
Adventures, Travels, Freedom, Power, Patience, Compassion, Purpose


6.Mouse: I‘m a force of Blessings

Mice are afraid by many but they are also revered, in Buddhism the mouse was the first animal to respond to Buddha’s call. It is also an animal sacred to Apollo, God of the Sun, Arts and Blessings and Ganesh, Hindu God of Blessings.

Tap into blessing herbs like Basil in order to cleanse the aura of your space and raise your vibration. Moreover, Colour Magic can work miracles to you!

If you would like to transform into a mouse, apart from wanting to go unnoticed you would also like to think what the following keywords mean to you right now:
Scrutiny, Examination, Judgement, Lack of Honesty, Rivalry, Blessings, Divine Intervention, Abundance, Gratitude


7.Dolphin: I‘m a force of Creativity

Dolphins are considered playful creatures with a great ability to communicate and one of the mammals which show signs of higher intelligence. However, dolphins are great warriors as well, and they will not hesitate to protect their territory and ‘impale’ any intruders.

Follow these step to protect yourself and your space. It is very important for you to find what inspires you. You actually need that in order to change your life as you are really capable in transforming anything into light and blessings!


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