Which Is Your Spirit Animal? Simple Guide To Find It Out Yourself


spirit animal guideSome people discover their spirit animal through meditation, creative visualization, or looking on the internet the animal that best reflects their character traits.

Many others know their spirit animal because that creature constantly appears in their lives.

If you have already identified your spirit animal, this guide will help you understand, every time it appears, that you need to pay attention to your wishes and use the law of attraction as an effective tool to achieve them.

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On the contrary by reading this article you will understand which is the spirit animal akin to you.



spirit-animal-butterflyThose who identify with the butterfly are very capable to adapt and reinvent themselves to meet their needs and are often surrounded by playful and entertaining characters.

You are in tune with the emotional and spiritual side that will help you really understand what you want from life and remind you that the law of attraction is one of the best ways to speed up the process.

However avoid “flapping” from one dream to another and focus on slow and steady progress towards an important goal.



spirit-animal-catThe cat is an animal linked to courage, patience and curiosity. If you are connected to cat, it is likely to have a flexible mind and you want to analyze things way down.

On the other hand, the cat represents independence. However, it is healthy to remember relying on others in times of need. There are ways to balance independence with intimacy in relationships.



spirit-animal-crowHave you felt a certain affinity with the crows? If so, you are very intelligent people and notoriously seen as pranksters. Your innate creativity will serve to lead, easily visualization exercises and playing with the mind to change negative emotions and old beliefs.

However it is important for you to remain aware of the fact that there is no need to manipulate others to get what you want.



spirit-animal-hawkAs spirit animal, the hawk is associated to the attention to important things, leadership and the ability to plan in the future. If you are tied to the falcon, once you have decided what you want, you’ll know how to get it and you will have to wait for the right moment to act.

Never forget to connect to your emotional side, because you might be inclined to rationalize a lot, while the feelings are an important source for your understanding.


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spirit-animal-horseSymbol of the will to live, freedom and deep emotions. The horse is a character who tends to be attracted to those who are vital and passionate.

If you put passion into everything and you do to try to reach your goals, you’re likely to end up living a happy life profoundly.

One of the blocks that you may encounter along your way, would be to forget your intellect. Soul and reason must follow the same direction to achieve the desired goals



spirit-animal-owlIf the owl is your spirit animal, you are meant to go with intuition and see beyond the mask that others are wearing. The owl is associated with the change, so you are able to do things that others face in a rather dramatic way.

However, those who connect to the owl, can be prone to excessive self-protection. It would be helpful, however, to rely more to others because, through them, it is possible to discover ourselves.



spirit animal snakeSnakes are spirit animals related to healing. If you are attracted by snakes, it is likely that you are wise and compassionate people who do not rush into any situation, instinctively.

The empathy you have, allows you to perceive what makes others happy, but do not let this natural talent take you away from focusing on yourself too.



spirit animal wolfFinally, those who have the wolf as an animal spirit, are very loyal, generous, and their spirit of love is one of their strengths.

They work hard on themselves and have excellent communication skills that lead them to help others. However, you may need to work on your self-esteem.


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