Choose The Tree Of Your Soul- Test. Your Tree Says a Lot About You!

The tree which you will choose says a lot about you. Read what  each of them means.

  1. This tree chooses people, who are currently not satisfied with their lives. There is happiness out there, but I’m far from it. “I have to get to the happiness” is the motto which leads them to life. Courage, curiosity and interest in new things are the three main characteristics of the people who chose this tree.


  1. This tree number two chooses people, who are patient and have a goal to go. Not wanting to improvise, great workers and professionally perform everything . They are sure that life is good, when it goes according to plan. They work on logic and do not like surprises.


  1. This tree number three chooses individuals, who are creative. Inspirational and working in their own way, always creative, original, you can easily remove them from balance, but they have a good soul. Their mood is easily changed.



  1. In winter and summer this people are the same. They have ideas and views, do not deviate from their knowledge how to achieve what they want and fight to the end. Strong personalities and you would not like them for your opponents.


  1. These persons have empathy for everyone, very sensitive, place their selves in a foreign skin, and always put others before themselves. They don’t want to enter the conflict, but when they do, many will go wrong if they  meet them in a battle. Beware!




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