What Type Of Spirit Follows You Around?

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People all over the world believe that there are guardian angels watching over humanity.

These otherworldly spiritual beings are often depicted as winged messengers of God who wear long robes and have halos above their heads.

In a more general sense, the belief is that each and every person alive has a protector who keeps them safe and watches over them. When life gets tough or when accidents happen, our guardian angel appears and keeps vigil.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in guardian angels, there are similar types of spirits and people or animals in our lives here on earth who we consider our healers and protectors.

These spiritual guides can be felt by the overwhelming feelings of reassurance and comfort you may have suddenly experienced at some point in your life.

Many people who have been involved in near-death experiences have reported that some un-explainable force intervened and miraculously pulled them through whatever tragedy they were facing.

Others say that an animal or individual suddenly appeared in their life at a time when everything was a mess and showed them the way, giving them renewed hope going forward.

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These spiritual connections and occurrences work in mysterious ways and protect us just like guardian angels are believed to.

These beliefs and reports exist all throughout the ages and give people a sense of hope that in their darkest hour and times of need someone, or some type of life force, is by their side helping them through it.

The type of spirit guide that follows you around depends on a variety of personal factors, such as the way you view life and your relationships with others.

This quiz will help you work through those things to determine what type of spirit is watching over you, so try it now and see who you get!

What type of spirit follows you around? Let us know in the comments below

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What type of spirit follows you around?

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