WHAT-TO-DO-WHEN-YOU-FEEL-ALONE.jpgThere is an energy in the field – I sense it, I’m attuning to its frequency, I’m discerning its medicine. It’s a frequency of solitude, and many are wondering the same thing: Is anyone else out there? Are they listening? Are they feeling what I’m feeling?

The answer is YES. Others around you are feeling and sensing and noticing what you’re receiving, too. But they aren’t talking about it – not with their human voices.

They are tuning into the frequency and responding with different reactions. Some are running away, others are pretending they can’t hear. Still, others feel like they are talking but the sound is on mute. Why is this? What is happening?

Take a moment to know this first: It’s ok. All is unfolding in perfect time and divine order and you don’t have to have the answers right now.

Just like when you tell your children not to parent you – not to worry about you but to enjoy being young and free – so the Universe is telling many of us, sit tight. You don’t have to fix this.

But don’t tune out, either – pay attention. Something is rising in the distance, a far-off sandstorm swirling innocently and so gently off in the distance. Enough to get your attention, but not yet severe enough to demand your attention and action.


You are right to notice.

When you feel alone, here are five of my favorite tips for plugging in and connecting to the Cosmic Internet – a much larger field of active frequencies than Facebook or YouTube, where no one ever sleeps, where information circulates at all hours on all topics for all people without censorship.

Plug in, connect. And follow these steps to feel more tapped into the Collective Consciousness where your inspiration and your comfort sit waiting for you to retrieve and respond to them.


1)    Remember that you came from the Infinite and you still have a place there.

Yes, there is a place outside of our immediate solar system, a way station of souls and a doorway to other dimensions. You came from this way station and it is to there you will return shortly, within a few decades.

They send you transmissions as the need arises and time allows. They are likely trying to get your attention now. Ask for signs, and listen.


2)    Know that you will have exactly the information you need at the right time upon which to act on it.

When your help is needed, your guides will be notified and they will reach you – either subtlely, if you’re plugged in, or more harshly if you’re not listening. They will go to those listening first. So pay attention and improve your place in line.


3)    Trust in a Source Creator who loves you.

When I am overwhelmed, I remember that God loves me. May sound trite, but this I know.

I know that the one who breathed life into my soul before I ever made my single-cell presence known in my Mother’s Womb is the one who will greet me when I take that last breath and the one who will judge my actions before that time comes.

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That Creator chose me from a billion souls to come forward and be here now. I am here for a reason, and so are you.


4)    Rest in your power.

Oh, if you only knew how powerful and important YOU are! Your birth was no accident, and your death will be grieved. Your life is important, and you matter. Each sunset, a divine show of color and light designed to delight you and prove to you that God exists and loves you.


5)   Surrender to the Plan.

A friend of mine loves it when I tell her I have a Plan with a big capital P. Because it means I have some control, some of the idea of what is to take place. Truth is, I don’t.

But as humans, we feel safe when someone is driving the car. For now, know and trust that your Creator is driving. Your guides are driving. And just for a minute, take your hands off the wheel.

It’s ok. It’s time. Let them lead. You follow – and you rest. When you relax, that’s when your entire soul is able to manifest your vision and your passion.

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And so, in that way, all have been orchestrated for you. That can frustrate or inspire you. Let it do the latter. Once you soften and relax and trust, the rest will come.

Amen, A’ho, and So it is.


Source: sagegoddess


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