Who Were You In Your Past Life According to Your Birthday

Who Were You In Your Past LifeFrom 1 to 10 of March, from 27 of November to 18 of December
You have been a Master of Empire in your past life



Proud and ambitious personality, you’ve had a great intelligence. You have managed to rise even to the royal throne, you became the ruler of a great empire. You have ruled with rigor and discipline.

In today’s life you do not like to be commanded and guided from the others. You do not like to give away your own. Love your freedom and with all forces you try to keep it. You are a great individualist and you reject everything collectively. In love you are also too selfish and all your love affair are short-lived.


From 12 to 29 of February, from 20 to 31 of August
You have been The Favorite of the kings and rulers in your past life

The Favorite of the King

The Favorite of the King

You’ve never received anything with violence. Everything you’ve done tactfully and gently, and you managed to capture many hearts. However, very often you have had troubles because of the jealousy of your opponents.

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Today you are a very sensitive person and get angry when someone stir in your personal affairs. You are afraid of loneliness and isolation. With your loved one you are distrustful and very difficult. You don’t show your feelings.



From April 20 to 8 of May, from 12 to 19 of August
You have been Ruthless Conqueror in your past life

Ruthless Conqueror

Ruthless Conqueror

Megalomania and the desire to impose its will on the other have been the most characteristic traits in your past life. You have had numerous opponents. You have been merciless to enemies and to the one that stand on your way to the goal.

In the present life you hate authority and authoritative people. Strive for peace and harmony. Your thirst for freedom is very strong and you constantly looking for new adventures. In love you are very jealous, but you’re always ready to give your soul to the person who enchant you with affection and feelings.


From 9 to 27 of May, from 29 of June to 13 of July
You have been a Educated Wise Man in your past life

Wise man

Wise man

Very well you knew that fame is a double-edged sword. You have been hard on yourself- no mistakes allowed. You have realized that death is not only physical but spiritual event.

In the current life you are very trusting towards humans. Continue to be an authoritative person with a good reputation. You don’t tolerate “the talkers”. Friendship is a sacred thing for you and you’re loyal friend. In love life you are searching for truth, tenderness and romance.




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