Why You are Always Exactly Where You Need to Be


I was lying on the cold, hard wood floor. The bedroom door was locked even though no one was home.

I was lying on the floor sobbing into the ground, allowing Mother Earth to hold me as I wept and wept. I didn’t even really know why I was crying, all I knew was that I had to cry. I had to let something out, I had to give it space to breathe.

It was in this moment that I just totally surrendered to everything that I felt was “wrong” in my  life. It was at that moment that I accepted everything that was, good or bad, wrong or right, and said- “This is my life and that is ok.”

While these words sound comforting, at the time they made no sense to me. I was hearing them but I didn’t quite understand the fullness of their potential.

It wasn’t until the sun had come up the next day that I could begin to piece together what it all really meant.

Life, no matter what is brings you, what it shows you, what it offers you, what it does for you is exactly what you need.

In fact, where you are right now it is so perfect that the entire Universe couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect place for you to be.

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“This place where you are right now, God circled on the map for you…our Beloved has bowed there knowing you were coming.”- Hafiz
You may not feel good about where you stand, you may not like many things about it, but either way it is perfect for you.

For it is exactly what you need to take you to a higher place. To a place that is not only perfect but feels perfect.

Everything around is a clue for how you should proceed forward. If you like what you are seeing, keep going. If you don’t like what you are seeing, perhaps it is time to change course.

Changing course may mean a big change or a little change, an internal change or an external one, either way a change must occur in order for the things around you to also change.

Sometimes things may change for the worse and sometimes for the better, but change is a sign that you are at least moving forward and getting closer to what you desire every time.

All experiences are lessons, all experiences hold wisdom and information that is there for you to take and create with it. All experiences that you experience are perfect for you because it it is what you need to experience.


Because life is unfolding the vibration of our being. Life is unfolding a combination of our mind and spirit. Life is unfolding around us based on what we believe, see and feel.

A lot of spiritual authors say this all the time- “Your thoughts create your reality” and while it is true, it is not really entirely true.

It is not so much your thoughts that create your reality but more your vibration. Your thoughts can give you a clue to your vibration but it is so much more than that.

Everyone on this planet holds an unique vibration that is not repeated ever on anyone or anything. This vibration is so unique to you that it can’t be replicated.

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This is your essence, your song, your tune, your fire, your Divinity, whatever you want to call it, in essence it is you.

This is why the most powerful thing you can be on this planet is YOU. Your true, authentic, free, self. For that is when you are dancing to the tune of your vibration, the hum of your soul.

And, when you are creating from this space everything is perfect. Everything is exactly as it should be because you are creating from the very essence that is you and that in itself is perfect.

The only time things don’t feel perfect to us is when we are creating from only a percentage of our potential. That is, when we are creating from a place of scarcity or fear while ignoring our place of love and joy.

But the beauty is, even if you are creating from a space of fear or scarcity it is perfect, because it is right where you need to be.

Perhaps it is only through creating through your fears that you can learn or grow or transcend something. Perhaps there is a bigger picture vision that is unfolding that cannot be rationalised by the human mind.

Perhaps through your fears you pave the way for more light.

As soon as we become conscious over what we are creating we then have the power to change it, edit it or continue. But, everything is always perfect. It has to be because that is the way nature has intended it to be.




Source: foreverconscious.com


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