5 Planets in the Solar System will Stand on The Same Line on January 20, 2016. How This Will Affect Us?

5 Planets in the Solar System will Stand on The Same Line on January 20, 2016. How This Will Affect Us?

5 Planets in the Solar System will Stand on The Same Line on January 20, 2016. How This Will Affect Us?

During this month we can see a rare phenomenon in the sky, known as “the parade of planets”. The 5 planets-Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will stand on the same line, and this can be seen by a human eye. The approach of the two planets can be seen on the horizon to the moon and can be seen from 20 January to 20 February.
For a clearer view you should be far from city lights. Like this, you will enjoy the full glow of the five planets to one another. 

Viewable by human eye phenomena are not so much. And this is definitely among those which is worth a person to see by himself.

When two, three or four of the planets in the solar system are aligned over the Earth’s horizon, then has been observed the astronomical phenomenon “a small parade”.
Much more rarely occurs A big parade of planets, when five or more planets stand in a straight line above the horizon.

In the time while there is a planet parade, like this, the universe opens its gates  and listens very carefully your words and thoughts. We must carefully sift out the positive from the negative and to choose positive emotions and thoughts.  If you do not do this, you will feel inner discomfort and anxiety that something is not right. The 5 planets govern the mind, emotions, physical strength, luck and karma. Any thought related to these aspects, directly connects to the law of attraction and falls into the karmic abyss of Saturn. 

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36 Responses

  1. Rasene says:


  2. How is this possible if the planets are all in completely different astrological signs…?

    • GOSTICA says:

      Hello, Erica. Yes, they are a different astrological signs, but all of them have a spiritual effect in our birth astro chart. The article is about spiritual astrology, not astrologycal zodiac signs and their rulling planets. Thank you for your comment.

      • Erica says:

        I’m calling out the fact that this article is complete bullshit and there was never any such alignment! And astrology by nature is already spiritual… yes the planets effect us on a spiritual level – that is the whole point of astrology! Do you even know what you’re talking about? It upsets me when people purposely disclose false information when it comes to astrology. Get your facts right!

  3. Alisa says:

    My “Resolution is to think Positive ” this year. So to learn this , is confirmation to me, that this is My Year for Positive Change.
    Thank You for Sharing.

  4. Timothy says:

    Hm… Though it is awesome to have these planets so easily viewable to the naked eye right now (due to their rising in the South morning sky) that “magic line” that they’re all in a neat row with is actually the ecliptic… It’s the line that they’re *ALWAYS* neatly aligned on (which is why the ecliptic is hugely relevant in astrology) so I am skeptical about this articles interpretation of this “rare parade of planets” which is actually not true at all and hope the author isn’t over-hyping an event with no real relevancy (not unlike the mainstream media).

  5. Erica, they are aligned with each other, not our geocentric view. i.e. no effect on us I should imagine. If planets are in different signs they are not aligned astrologically.

  6. Alia wilson says:

    On Jan. 20th while doing mundane house hold tasks I experienced a profound feeling of Peace and tranquility and ascendance transcendence all of it like I have not experienced in so long, don’t get me wrong I am a mostly contend person but this was way beyond it, it is still with me, a cpl of days later I came across this and now I know why, I am very susceptible to Jupiter and Mercury energy last year this amazing planet Jupiter was in my 7th house, wish I could keep him with me forever what a fife that would be,

  7. Helen Chapman says:

    I arose early on the 20th, before dawn, to climb to the highest place with my dog. I saw all 5 planets in alignment and through them I witnessed the passing of the International Space Station and a shooting star. For me the release was incredible, for this happened the morning of the day we laid my mother-in-law to rest, a truly amazing and incredible feeling.

  8. Utter bullshit. This is an astronomical event not a pseudo scientific astrology event.

  9. You guys should really be ashamed at the outright deception and ridiculously inaccurate descriptions and images in this article…
    The planets will be nowhere near each other and certainly not aligned by any stretch of the imagination. This is simply a time where they can all be viewed in the sky at the same time if you wake up early enough, which Im sure most of you hippies can’t do. lol
    give me a break, yo?

    • Julian Wessel says:

      You are entitled to your views. I am entitled to mine. Please cease and desist from being a self-appointed aribiter of what YOU deem to be right.

      • Oh I see, so you verify these images also, eh? This is your website then? Are you selling prints of these images as well?

        I would strongly suggest you become quiet for a while on social media. Everyone has given you the benefit of the doubt and excused your admitted lying and fraud in the astrophotography world, continued stalking me with comments like these only make you look more ridiculous and more guilty.

        • Julian says:

          Hello Stephen, the guy who is writing with the name “Julian Wessel” isn’t me ! In my current situation I would never write anything like this! I don’t know what’s going on here but this wasn’t me.

          Best wishes to you Stephen,

      • Julian. You were caught lying and conning people for your own gain. Now most people in these circumstances would keep a low profile and stop playing the victim. You are NOT a victim. You are a cheat. Mr. Stephen Ramsden is something you can now never be, a well respected astronomer and scientist. In science there are no “opinions” there is only evidence. Now go and crawl under a rock.

      • Julian, all is not lost for you, your total lack of truthfulness, integrity and your absolute willingness to achieve your goals at any cost are all qualities that Volkswagen is looking for to replenish their ranks in executive management 🙂

        • Uwe says:

          This is a reply to Stephen Ramsden, JC and Benoit Gagnon:

          I stumbled across Stephens tweet https://twitter.com/sramsden/status/692413029355536384
          where he copied a screenshot from this BS-page.

          I notified the real Julian Wessel, because it was obvious to me that not the real Julian responded to your comment. I don’t know who wanted to add fuel to the fire, but some guy obviously tried to trick you.

          The real Julian has no intention to stalk you. He has learned his lesson. But please do not post any false accusation against Julian.

          Thank you for your understanding.

      • Whoever wrote this reply as “Julian Wessel” – you are not Julian Wessel. Grow up.

    • moofer1972 says:

      Stephen is setting expectations. Something your article should do. There’s no alignment, and the planets are strewn across the sky. Most people couldn’t distinguish most of them from stars, unless maybe you armed them with the proper information they needed to identify them. I like how his “views” are based on scientific
      reality and your “views” are actually just that. Views.

  10. Katie Murdock says:

    This is lovely to know. I am not 100% clear on the moon reference, though – does the moon not take nearly a full month to circle the sky once? I guess I’m not smart enough to understand what “The approach of the two planets can be seen on the horizon to the moon and can be seen from 20 January to 20 February” really means on any specific morning.

  11. bob says:

    utter, utter nonsense

  12. Tom Harradine says:

    Here is a video, with commentary, that I shot yesterday morning showing the line up of the planets from Brisbane – what they actually looked like https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=omo1k5rhWwI&feature=youtu.be

  13. b2gtums says:

    Dear me, some people actually believe this garbage?? ‘We must carefully sift out the positive from the negative and to choose positive emotions and thoughts. If you do not do this, you will feel inner discomfort and anxiety that something is not right ‘.
    utter rubbish

  14. Gary Varney says:

    The only inner discomfort and anxiety that something is not right, is when I read utter garbage like this. “the universe opens its gates and listens very carefully your words and thoughts.” Wow… the fact that people actually believe in such nonsense is mind-boggling. You may think ignorance is bliss, but ignorance runs rampant in articles such as this. Perhaps I will “speak” to the Universe, since you know, it is listening now, and ask it to stop allowing such propagation of bullshit.

  15. your welcome for the most hits your blog has ever gotten..lol I was sort of joking until JW got involved. Im sorry if I brought a lot of negative attention to your hippie page.. peace, man, peace.

  16. Reefer Madness says:

    “Far out man!” The planets are not in a line as the article suggests, but again I don’t think it was “intended to be a factual statement.” No wonder that we have a scientifically illiterate society, but who cares so long as our “consciousness is raised….Far Out!”

  17. saroji says:

    An insane effected by the lunar moon called lunatic! If persons could be effected by the moon why the planets don’t?

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    good article,it is useful to me and others,please just keep it….

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