Welcome to the spiritual and educational website GOSTICA.COM

the reason for the existence of GOSTICA is years of wandering through the labyrinth of spiritual knowledge, practice, different religions, esoteric nutrition, science, balance or extremes and more and more…

We created this site in order to simplify the finding of Information- all in one place, and to eliminate the confusion that is possible because of the very extensive field of information containing both true and false.

The information gathered here is based on personal experience and summarization of extensive information and practicing esoteric spirituality as a way of life of modern, evolved human being.

Your presence in GOSTICA is not accidental. It is the answer to your desire for knowledge. Everything in the universe proceeds in excellent order and everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Every question has an answer, and we will find it together here.

In the path of knowledge you are not alone, as we all think when we go through it.

This is the road that will go together, because if you are on this web page, you already know the truth – we all are ONE