Free Daily Personalized Horoscope

Free Daily Personalized HoroscopeThe Free Daily Personalized Horoscope includes all the parameters of the natal chart. All the transits activating the chart are displayed, those formed by fast-moving planets and by slow-moving planets alike.

The Free Daily Personalized Horoscope is a photo of all the forces at work – also referred to as transits – between the mundane chart on the day and at the time the horoscope is cast, and all the configurations of your natal chart.

In other words, it offers pieces of information similar to those which a professional astrologer could find and analyse in order to get your current planetary climate. Our horoscope takes into account every element of your natal chart and thus, provides you with indications which are neither fanciful nor random.

Introduction To The Daily Personalized Horoscope

Our free service indicates all the transits of the day formed by both fast and slow-moving planets. Thus, our display panel covers the whole day with its two functions. The first one describes your mood, the tendency of the day, and the fleeting events which enrich your life, while the second function sheds light on all your longer-term transits.

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The latter are also found in our Forecast Reports, which are complementary to our Daily Personalised Horoscope, for instance in the Detailed 12 Month Forecast.

All the Detailed Forecasts offer much more options: the transits repeating a natal planetary link, the detection of afflicted planets in the natal chart, the transits to the angles with different texts for the five major aspects, new and more texts and more varied, processing of transits to slow and very slow-moving planets, detection and processing of transits to the Ascendant ruler etc.


The various influences affecting a natal chart 

Free Daily Personalized Horoscope

  • The transits of the so-called slow planets, the positions of which merely change owing to the slowness of their orbital motions (256 years for Pluto, 165 years for Neptune, 84 years for Uranus, 29 years ½ for Saturn and 12 years for Jupiter),
  • The transits of fast planets, also called “individual planets”, i.e. the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, who cover an average distance of one sign per month, i.e. the whole Zodiac in one year, except for Mars, who does so in two years,
  • The transits of the Moon, who covers the twelve Zodiacal signs in four weeks at an approximate daily speed of 13 degrees.

The first category is often called slow transits or slow planets’ transits. They allow to prepare genuine astrological forecasts. They deeply impact on the native’s psyche. Because of their slow motions, their action is repeated and lasting and they often bring about concrete events.

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The second category includes the transits of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Their consequences are not important and enduring: they are used to analyze the trend of the day, or the few days during which they are active. They are very useful for daily horoscopes, but it must be understood that their effects remain superficial or that they can act as triggers for slow transits. Nevertheless, Mars’ transits are quite significant.

The transits of the Moon are even faster and more fleeting: they are active for a few hours only. They influence the mood of the day and they are meaningless when they are considered separately. They can trigger smaller transits, just as fast planets can trigger heavy transits.


Free Daily Personalized Horoscope



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