TOP 10 Spiritual Places with The Strongest Energy Field

TOP 10 Spiritual Places with The Strongest Energy Field

TOP 10 Spiritual Places with The Strongest Energy Field

There are places in the world, where you can feel the connection with the divine – one of them Rila’s Lakes, known for strong energy field. Where sensitive people dream strange things, after spending the night there. Such type of places could give you answers to a long asked questions and make you feel the energy concentrated on a more spiritual level.

Here are Ten Spiritual Places With The Strongest Energy Field:

1. Rila – Bulgaria 

Some might seem surprised, but this mountain range is one of the energy centers of the world. Not accidentally, one of the greatest spiritual masters of the XX century – Beinsa Duno is Bulgarian and has chosen to transmit wisdom in Rila. The area around Rila’s Lakes actually has very strong energy and more sensitive people feel it and receive strange dreams when they stay in the area.









2. Machu Picchu in Peru 

The lost city of the Incas is one of the places linked to the energy centers of the world. The Incas built Machu Picchu in a particular place, high in the Andes. The place itself channels the energy and allows people to experience something that just does not belong to our world.



3. Socotra

Socotra is an archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean to the Horn of Africa, The largest occupies about 95 percent of the total area of the island. Its specific landscape as well as flora and fauna look like come out of a science fiction movie and can easily make you think you are on another planet or in prehistoric times. As a result of isolation, at Socotra were born many specific species that are found nowhere else in the world. The spiritual energy here connects the human soul directly with the cosmos.

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4. The plateau Uluru in Australia 

Located in the center of the continental country, Uluru is the spiritual center of Australia. Legends say that the plateau itself is hollow and it is an energy source, which they call Tiukurpa (Dreamtime). Ancient tribes surrounding the plateau have left many stories from the “Dreamtime” painted in some of the caves in the area. In the tribes has remained the belief that when a person goes around the plateau, he gets spiritual visions.


5. The Easter Island

This is one of the most isolated places in the world, which is home to a huge statues. Scientists have absolutely no answer to the question “Who made them?” Overall the whole place is a complete mystery – and unfinished figures, ceremonial village with its 53 stone houses without windows and doors and many others. The biggest mystery, however, remains so. “Navel of the World” – it is said that this is the circular stone bearing the secrets of the universe, the one who collects the most important spiritual energy lines of the Earth.


6. The Sanctuary Belintash

The ancient sanctuary Belintash- Bulgaria is one of the three points (Belintash <> Cross Forest <> Karadjov stone), forming one of the strongest energy zones in Europe. On the rocky plateau are outlined mirror projections of important parts of the star chart. In the area around Belintash and in it, there is a strong energy, and hundreds of people testify for a frequent paranormal phenomena.


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7. Berat- Albania  

Is the pride of Albanian architecture. The old town is under UNESCO protection. Berat presents a wonderful combination of eastern and western culture, traditions and customs. The town is a treasury of Albanian history and is evidence of the harmony between religion and culture. In Berat, people experience very powerful, spiritual healing energy. In the III century the city became “the city- castle”. Today, behind the city walls are still living people, who don’t believe in disease, that make this place unique and authentic.

8. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is the most famous megalithic monument in the world,probably dedicated to the Sun, with an ancient necropolis. Located in the middle of Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire, UK. Probably functioned as an astronomical observatory in connection with cults and economic performance of the agricultural population. It is constructed from the monolithic slabs and pillars, forming concentric circles.

9. The Bosnian Pyramids 

They are on the planet long before the Neolithic era. Radio-carbon analyzes conducted by the University of Shlyonsk / Poland, 2011 / date this pyramids before 12,350 years / plus / minus 50 years /. According to this analyzes, The Bosnian pyramidal structures are thousands of years older than the Egyptian pyramids. Under the pyramid were found three underground rooms and a little blue lake. The lake is with sterile clean water, no bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms, animals, or moss and mud. They call it living water because it purifies  the body. This means that these facilities are “healing rooms”. Human body regenerate faster and the illness disappears.



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10. Peak Kailash in Tibet 

The peak has religious significance for 2 religions – Buddhism and Hinduism. Both of the religions have their own legends about the place, but united around the assertion that the tip is the home of the gods and one of the energy centers of the world where climbing it can bring spiritual bliss.

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110 Responses

  1. I have been to Machu Picchu it is amazing. I spent 9 days there, I hiked to the temple of the sun. Going to the very highest point. Let us not forget another spot which I frequently visited years ago….Haleakala Crater on Maui, Hawaii. I experienced UFO’s here. It was more like light phenomena.If you want to know details of this event contact me.

    • GOSTICA says:

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us Christine. We are also very happy that you enjoyed our top ten list. Please share here also your experience with UFO-s so other people who are interested on them can read too. Thank you

    • Nicole B says:

      Hi Christine,

      I would love to hear about your experience. Thank you.

    • Jyotika says:

      I know a woman personally who experienced UFOS at Machu Picchu snd have heard much about how it is a center for that kind of activity.

    • Elitsa mularova says:

      Hi Christine, I ami interested in the energy and visiting Hawaii islands. Please let me know more. Thanks.

    • hugadognow says:

      Greetings Christine! ~ Please share you experience at Haleakala Crater on Maui, Hawaii. I see any have asked you already! Look forward to your response. Thank you!

    • Linda Kachur says:

      I’ve been to Haleakala Crater on Maui. I am a sensitive, but experienced only awe at this bleak form of beauty. I have had more mystic experiences in Carmel By the Sea and San Francisco.

  2. David Onos says:

    You left out Sedona, Arizona!

  3. Barron B says:

    And Mt Shasta, Northern California

  4. chico Miranda says:

    What about United State? No energy place in the USA?

    • Deqno says:

      USA is the worlds arsehole dyk

    • Bruce says:

      Sedona is the state of Arizona in the US which has a powerful vortex.
      Denquo -sacred sites are distributed throughout the world like chakras in ur body , hence I would not encourage u to say that about USA , it is a big and-geographically sacred as well. 🙂

  5. GOSTICA says:

    We are sure that there are a lot of other places with great spiritual energy, but this was a carefully chosen list of 10 most spiritual places build on the experience of a lot of people that have visited them. You are very welcome to add any place that you think the people deserve to know about, in the comments. And probably we will publish another list of them. Thank you

    • blissfulsusi says:

      Ka’ba in Mecca is number one especially for Muslim. any thought I have when I was there materialized.

      • Balajikuppu says:

        Respected Ms.Blissful Susi,I am a Hindu,will the authorities allow me to worship “THE ALL MIGHTY”,there in MECCA?Please reply.With thanks (for sharing this info),Balaji Kuppu – +919884173052

    • Sedona has a very strong energy almost everyone can feel when they arrive. Those who have some degree of sensitivity describe many multi-dimensional experiences, UFOs are common, energy portals are often seen, and spiritual realizations are accelerated. The energy has a masculine quality and is quite intense. By far the strongest energy I’ve ever felt in the U.S. Mt. Shasta has a long history of being a power spot as well, with many UFO reports being common. The energy there is more feminine and soothing, whereas Sedona will challenge you.

    • Sandi says:

      How about Jerusalem, Israel?

  6. Robin says:

    Please post the full list of places that were included in your consideration set. Thx.

  7. Fred Corbett says:

    In addition to this list i personally include Wounded Knee South Dakota, if you ever have the opportunity to visit there please pray at the mass gravesite. The healing energy there is beyond words

  8. J. Mount says:

    “Battle of the Little Big Horn” in Montana has been SO SPIRITUAL for Me !

  9. elona says:

    I’m Albanian and I’ve been to Berat-Albania and i haven’t felt any special feelings,but Berat lies beneath the Mt.of Tomorr,which is like the center if Bektashian Religion and the population around is very convinced it is a saint place etc…Maybe that is the reason ….

  10. Jeanie says:


  11. Marla says:

    Table Rock Mountain, part of the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Home to St. Germaine.

  12. Romeo says:

    Firstly Mount or Peak Kailash does not hold religious significance for just two but three religions, Hinduism , Buddhism and Jainism !
    And don’t think about climbing it since no one has been able to or people loose their minds or never return ,apart from a Buddhist monk in 11th century !
    You are supposed to do a Parikrama (circle around the mountain in clockwise or anti clockwise direction) and they say if you do it 108 times you attain salvation or nirvana
    Definitely one of the most powerful places on earth and not to mention one of the most toughest and dangerous journeys to make !!!

  13. Re #1 in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria: for those who wonder ~ the white circles are
    hundreds and hundreds of people dancing the Paneurhythmy, music and music (yup, live musicians in the center) ‘downloaded’ from the Celestial realms by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Duno). Wayne Dyer just wrote the forward to a book about him entitled A Prophet for our Times.

  14. maria tsaliki says:

    hi, u forgot one of the most power places, the one was choosen from the ancient greeks.
    Olympia with natural pyramides, always open gates, because of my business, im travelling a lot and im visiting a lot of places, Is one and of the most powerfulls areas, u feel the energy and the magnetic fiels.

  15. maria tsaliki says:

    Also another area, is healing area, the island Ikaria, the people there leaves over 100 years,
    another island, with very strong energies a simple person can see them, is Samothraki, but is very weird island, u are wellcome or doesnt wants u…hmmmm u cant stay there.
    personal i was well come i saw many energies and the stones to the see looks like emeralds….simple stones

  16. Andreia Lourenço says:

    There´s a very special place in Portugal: “Dornes”, oficially called “Templarium area” and “Energy of Lys”. It’s next to Fatima, very important to catholic pilgrims because of Mary’s aparitions to hundreds of persons at the same time. But in Dornes the energy field is still “pure”, and Fatima got very commercial in church hands. Definitely Dornes is worth a visit!

  17. Claudiu says:

    My friend Gostica, I assure you that by my own experience that only :1. Rila-Bulgaria, 4. Uluru – Australia, 5. Easter Island, 8. Stonehenge, 9. Bosnian Pyramids, and 10. Kailash Tibet, are really highly energetically charged. All the other are little or at the most medium energetically relevant. Even near these last ones people feel the energy but that doesn’t mean that these places are so relevant …
    You left other really highly energetic relevant places outside of you list.
    My friend, just because you are from Balkans doesn’t mean that suddenly the sacred places in your country get planetary importance, that’s called “wishful thinking” if you know what I mean.

    • GOSTICA says:

      Thank you very much for your opinion Claudiu, we hope you have really been to those places and felt their energy like evry person that have been and and expirienced the high spiritual energy there

  18. Carol Star says:

    Sedona,Arizona- for real !

  19. babajay says:

    No one has ever climbed Mt Kalaish, it is forbidden. There are 4 religions walking around the mountain, 2 go clockwise and 2 counterclockwise. The religions are Jains, Bons (which were in Tibet before Buddhism) Buddhism and hinduism. If your there, your in BLISS !

  20. Tina says:

    Old Stone Fort Manchester TN

  21. The temples near Machu Picchu actually have the highest frequency of energy. Everyone thinks it’s the famous commercialized spot everyone takes a photo from showing the glorious view at the top of M.Picchu. 😉

  22. Crow Kenneth says:

    Giza Pyramids – Egypt – The Land of the rising sun….

  23. kalle says:

    The great thing about this bullshit-field is that as long as you believe that youre in one, you can be anywhere in the whole world! isnt it great?

  24. Laura says:

    Carpatian mountains Romania.The SFINX

  25. IndigoWarrior7 says:


  26. our own hearts. first.
    mount ausengate, peru
    galisteo, new mexico

    sending LOVE.

  27. I think Rtanj deserves mention, since airplanes that fly over it lose their instrument function (and those instruments cannot be repaired! — which is why there’s a no-fly zone over it.

    That being said, I’m a big fan of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, and I wrote an article on the archaeological orthodoxy’s 10-year attempt, and failure, to stop the Bosnian Pyramids Project:

    “The Mysterious Anti-Scientific Agenda of Robert Schoch: Part 1 – The Bosnian Pyramid Complex”

  28. Crissie says:

    I have been to 4 of your list but i think there is more places to add to your list.

  29. Lauren says:

    Lake Titicaca in Peru was were I had an amazing spiritual experience. I went to Machu Picchu too and felt a lot of amazing energy coming from the mountains surrounding it but did not spend the night there.

  30. sonrisa says:

    Serpent Mound in OH

  31. Marc Herlands says:

    in my experience: 1. in the cave under the Dome of the Rock mosque, Jerusalem; 2. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem; 3..the Ganges at Varanasi; 4. Stonehenge. 5. near Bora Bora; 6 Delphi 7. Acropolis

  32. Hendrik Le-Roux says:

    I’m sad to see that Cape Town isn’t on this list.. for those who aren’t aware Cape Town is on a Lay line and the ancient history of mankind is synonymous with the many different cultures and beliefs. I have had AMAZING experiences there and I’M PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN

  33. Duke Narcissus says:

    Stuff like this is interesting , but I cannot help laughing

    Where did BEATLES go , when they could not handle their fame , wealth and Drug habits

    What did Einstein and Tesla read, to find Answers

    Where did Steve Jobs go for finding Peace ,among other celebrities like Julia Roberts, Leonardo DeCaprio (sorry ,I don’t remember a lot)

    Where can you find the most ancient temples and cities (Kailasa temple – Ellora ,please use Google) ,and submerged city of Dwarka (said to be more than 32,000 year old )

    Who gave Yoga and Meditation to the world ,that the West is waking up to . .

    Why are German and British universities suddenly getting interested in our Old language SANSKRIT !!

    And you don’t have that country in your CAREFULLY COMPILED list …

    I must ask someone who knows more to comment , so that people can get to know INDIA better !

    If anyone has interest , please write to me on my Facebook (Duke Narcissus)

    (Peace and Balance)

    • Sonia Bhatti says:

      You are so right Duke, I was just wondering how did this list not have India on it. India has been the seat of spirituality since time immemorial. There’s countless number of places, I can hardly begin to list them.
      But I would definitely like to mention a place which is of prime importance to us Sikhs, it is called Hemkund Sahib, a holy shrine which is situated at a height of over 15,000 ft.above sea level nestled in the snow clad peaks of the Himalayan range. Pilgrimages have to walk all the way to the top, that takes about 3 days, (no connectivity in these days )from a base camp. There’s many Hindu shrines enroute to this magical mystical place, where the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs sat in meditation until he merged with God. This place is also associated with the Hindu Trinity of Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva. It is mentioned in the Vedas as the abode of Gods & Goddesses.
      The Valley of Flowers which is located very close to this, is a vast expanse 87 sq kms, where the worlds most rare and exotic varieties of flowers are found in full bloom, during the months from June – October. This must indeed be the most heavenly place on earth.

      Do look up these places on Google, and add them to your list if you’re seeking spiritual succour.

      • Eminpee says:

        Can I add that the Harijan are the original peoples of India .. and the caste system was brought about by their Persian (Ayran – now Iran) invaders who made them out caste, these people (harijan) are the living spit of the aboriginal people of Australia and therefore must have been one civilization when the land was Gondwanna before it broke apart. Which proves people have been here for a very very very long time

      • Nitin says:

        So many places in India… These are spiritual… Missing

  34. I would say Stonehenge it’s energy has been properly zapped over the past few years, Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire is far more high energy.

    • I am living a couple of miles from Avebury and remain here because of the energies of the St Michael Ley line, of which Avebury is on… I agree with you – the earth energies at Avebury are much stronger than Stonehenge… 🙂

  35. lynn loyola says:

    Hot Springs, Arkansas.

  36. Eminpee says:

    Hello … awesome article. Can I just add regarding ULURU .. its not ever referred to by the Anangu people as a plateau ever. It is a sandstone monolith! It’s located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta (pronounced Kata Juta) National Park, in the Central Desert. Once this area was completely covered by ocean. Presently this area is approx 30feet below sea level now .
    All language groups (over 600 languages spoken, of which a few dozen survive today) have their own name for the creator spirit – for the Anangu people it is Tjurkapa (pronounced – chook-e-pah). The Anangu people still live there today and their dreaming however ancient is still alive and well today and forever because it always was and always will be aboriginal land. My personal experience visiting there is in line with what you say. I had time with the ancient people there, I will never forget this experience in all of my souls journey I am sure. Thanks again for posting!

  37. siran says:

    are you bulgarian 😀 it’s more like smell of promotion…

  38. Everyone is forgetting to mention the pyramids in Yucatan, Mexico! Uxmal is a very powerful site, a place for experiencing our Divine Feminine. The energy is palpable. I have experienced deep transformation here, and so have many others.

  39. Robinski says:

    Walking on Uluru is considered to be disrespectful by local indigenous peeps (the one’s who take Dreamtime as spirit & not $$$ in a kiosk) .

    A stunning visual image at sunset or day break.

  40. Lady Biz says:

    t’s been over 2 months without a place to call home
    donate $1 to help us have a home $1 at a time

  41. Mt. Shasta is a portal. Channels go there on sabbaticals and have their most profound revelations from very high level sources. You can feel the energy as you get closer to it. I think it’s important to create a new list that include Sedona, Arizona, Mt. Shasta, in Northern California, and Table Rock Mountain, in Jackson Hole Wyoming

  42. Believer says:

    Nice methology of ranking and clear source of information: “this was a CAREFULLY chosen list of 10 most spiritual places build on the experience of A LOT OF PEOPLE that have visited them.”

  43. Nicol says:

    I will add Romania for many energetic and powerfull places,we have many but i will write only few with big importance in ezoteric field: Forest Hoia Baciu,Mountain Bucegi(OMU,BABELE,SFINX)

  44. Victoria says:

    I think in Bugaria and whole Bolkan peninsula: Romania, Serbia, Makedonia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bosna and Hercegovina, Croatia Slovenia etc. you can find a concentration of strong energy places.
    I can talk a lot about my country – Bulgaria because every weekend I’m travelling around it. If you visit Rila, Pirin, Rodopi and Strandja mountains, you can feel it. 🙂
    There is a one big problem – it’s dificult to find any information about them in internet.
    I’ve never been in Peru, but strongly agree about The Bosnian Pyramids and Berat in Albania.

  45. Lisa says:

    Amazingly informative suggestions by the author and I appreciate your intention of sharing rare knowledge as I seek vortices. To those who feel a need to justify, qualify, criticize and condemn, it’s no wonder our Earth is so f#@%d up! SMH.

  46. Noah says:

    Te Te Rerenga Wairua aka Cape Reinga. It’s the northernmost tip of the North Island of New Zealand. The indigenous Maori people of New Zealand believe when they die their wairua (spirit) makes the journey to this place. There is a tree there, on the cliffs. Spirits descend into the ocean from there. To be cleansed, purified, before making their way to meet Hinenui-i-te-Po, the goddess of the afterlife.

    It’s a simple, beautiful place, festooned with spiritual energy.

  47. prakash says:

    It’s surprising how INDIA’s name and contribution has missed mention in your article. The spiritual powers of Tiruvanmalai, Lord Jaggannath shrine Bhubaneshwar,(to name a few) have uplifted many to new Astral Heights.

  48. stpizila says:

    I think the author is a bulgarian …till now nobody heard of bulgarian special places

  49. Lisa says:

    wow this sure got a rise out of alot of people, that’s all I can say……Lord

  50. Michelle says:

    I highly recommend Vidette Lake, British Columbia, Canada. I did have the privilege of experiencing this amazing place first hand this past June, and it is unlike any I have ever visited (and I visited quite a few from your list).

  51. D.Martin Miller says:

    You left out Mount Shasta, in Weed,California- some people believe there’s a race of beings from another planet living deep within this mountain range.

  52. Mark says:

    What about the planets chakras ? We missing that for a reason? Lol , -moonwalks off-

  53. Veronica says:

    Sedona, AZ should definitely be in the list!

  54. romeoTaj says:

    You forgot to put in Alto Paraiso in Goias, Brazil. The place is filled with quartz crystals underneath…

  55. Ran says:

    It’s outrages the Kaba in Mekka isin’t on this list, but I guess its no surprice at all? However it should be on the top of the list! Since its a place known for sitting on the most powerful ley lines found on earth!

  56. Ivo de Groot says:

    If you want to experience a connection to the Old People (giants, elfs, pixies etc.) consider a visit to the Taennchel mountain ridge in the Alsace region, France. I felt their strong presence there, and I’m not the only one. Also, the telluric energy is very powerful there. Many people go there to recharge.

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